October 30, 2002

Please Pray for Chris Klicka

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Our most senior staff member in terms of years of service is Chris Klicka. Along with the position of Senior Counsel, Chris is our director of state relations, HSLDA's direct contact with the leaders of the homeschool organizations around the country. He also supervises all of our contact lawyers and is personally responsible for the legal contacts in eight states. Chris has been significantly instrumental in advancing homeschooling world wide through his travel, writing, counsel and encouragement. Chris and his wife Tracy speak around the world to give vision for families to homeschool. They have been influential in advancing the revival of homeschooling in our time.

Chris is experiencing severe health problems as a result of Multiple Sclerosis. He has trouble with walking, talking, manual dexterity, and blurred vision. Tracy has ulcerative colitis, which causes loss of blood resulting in extreme weakness. The drug that is used to control her disease cannot be used anymore because of the dangerous side effects.

Chris and Tracy have seven children between the ages 4 and 14.

On Wednesday October 30th, many people around the world will be crying out to God for healing for Chris and Tracy. We are asking you to join in this prayer effort by praying throughout the day and if led, to fast as well. Perhaps in your family prayer time, you could offer a prayer for these precious saints of God.

We would also like to thank you for responding to our request for prayers arising from the sniper murders taking place in the Washington D.C. area. None of our staff were directly impacted by the shootings. Many of you sent messages of encouragement to us. In anticipation of your prayers for Chris and Tracy, and your prayers for our staff's safety, we thank you.


Mike Smith
President of HSLDA