July 15, 2002

Essay Contest Update

Over 250 home school students have entered the first essay contest sponsored by Home School Legal Defense Association. Proceeds from the contest will go to the Home School Foundation's Special Needs Children's Fund, which is designed to assist home schooling families with the financial challenges of privately meeting the academic needs of their special needs child.

Due to an unfortunate mistake on HSLDA's website, many essays were sent to a ZIP code in Washington, DC. While we have been receiving many of them, it has taken a substantial amount of time; in fact, we are still receiving mail postmarked May 28.

In order to bring this contest to a timely close, we will be accepting all essays postmarked by May 31 that reach our office on or before July 15. The results will be announced on this website on July 29.

We apologize for this delay, especially since many students have been eagerly waiting for the results.