April 23, 2002

Superintendent Complies With Law "Under Duress"

Home School Legal Defense Association recently defended a member family in Roanoke, Virginia, from an over-zealous superintendent who demanded to meet with them before allowing them to home school.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee* notified the school district of their intent to home school for the next school year (2002-03). Expecting this to be the end of the matter, Mrs. Lee was surprised to receive a telephone call from the superintendent requesting that the family meet with her to address some "concerns."

Knowing that Virginia law does not provide for any such meeting, Mrs. Lee respectfully declined. The superintendent then signed a letter "approving" the family's home school program, but said she was doing it only "under duress." She reiterated that she needed to have a meeting with them.

Mrs. Lee quickly called HSLDA, and we faxed a letter to the superintendent that same day, instructing her that the Lees were not required to meet with her and that they would not do so.

Two days later, Mr. and Mrs. Lee received a letter from Roanoke informing them that their home school program could go forward.

Families across the country face illegal requests from school districts daily. If you are an HSLDA member and your school district tries to go beyond the requirements of the law, please contact us for assistance.

*name changed