February 20, 2002

Afghan Children's Fund Update

We thank all the home schooling families who donated to the Afghan Children's Fund. HSLDA received over 2,600 letters from members answering President Bush's call for contributions to help the needy children of Afghanistan. Many more donations were sent directly to the White House. In a ceremony held on February 15, 2002, HSLDA’s Mike Farris symbolically handed the letters over to President Bush through Tim Goeglein, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Liaison.

As many of you know, President Bush had originally asked that donations be sent to the White House. However, in light of anthrax and other threats facing capitol last fall, White House officials asked us not to mail the letters to them. The Red Cross has now given us specific instructions on how the donations should be handled. HSLDA delivered the unopened letters with donations it received to the Red Cross on February 19, 2002. If you would like to donate to the Afghan Children’s Fund, please direct your donation through the American Red Cross.