December 17, 2001

Rhode Island District Demands Quarterly Reports

Although Rhode Island specifically recognizes home schooling as a constitutional right, the state has fairly restrictive home education regulations, including approval by the local school district, an annual assessment, and mandated attendance records. Despite this, many districts burden home schoolers with even more requirements.

Recently, for example, Foster-Glocester School District sent out a letter to home schooling families, demanding that they submit progress reports and attendance records on a quarterly basis instead of annually as the law requires. When Home School Legal Defense Association members contacted us for assistance, we quickly informed them that state law does not require submission of quarterly reports and therefore our member families would comply strictly with the letter of the law and pass in their assessments and attendance reports at the end of the school year.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurrence in the Ocean State. Any HSLDA members whose district attempts to require more than the law mandates should contact our office for assistance.