November 30, 2001

Keeping an Eye on Maine Regulatory Changes

Home School Legal Defense Association and Homeschoolers of Maine will contribute at a hearing scheduled for December 4 to consider major changes to Maine Regulations Chapter 127 that could affect home schoolers.

The new language — proposed by the state’s department of education — clearly exempts home schooling families, but a change in Chapter 127, dealing with “Learning Results,” could still affect home education programs indirectly. This is because the home school regulations in Chapter 130 state that home schoolers must teach the subjects listed in Chapter 127.

Deputy Commissioner of Education Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli assured HSLDA in writing on June 5, 2001, that before any changes were made to Chapter 127, the home school chapter (Chapter 130) would be modified so that the required subjects would be listed in that chapter, rather than leaving them in Chapter 127. This would guarantee that changes to Chapter 127 would not affect home schoolers.

HSLDA faxed a letter to Dr. Lucarelli on November 20 reminding her of her commitment. She called back on November 27, reaffirming her two-fold commitment to having the required subjects listed in the chapter dealing with home schoolers (130) and to preventing changes in Chapter 127 from affecting home schoolers.

The proposed changes to Chapter 127 cannot take effect unless the legislature approves them. HSLDA will keep a watchful eye on the process to protect home school families.