November 7, 2001

Rhode Island School District "Explains" Home School Denials

As mentioned in a recent article, East Providence School District perfunctorily denied many families the right to home school at its October 11 meeting. On behalf of our members in East Providence, Home School Legal Defense Association requested a written explanation for the denials. On November 5, we finally received a response from the school district.

According to the district's letter, the families were not denied for any substantive reason, but "because of an incomplete application process."

HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff stated that this means these families did not use the school district's form to apply for home schooling. "There is nothing in state law that requires a particular form, but East Providence has decided to mandate that its form is the only acceptable one," he said.

HSLDA will keep you informed as we defend our families' right to teach their children under Rhode Island law.

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