October 23, 2001

HSLDA Helps a Member Join Girl Scouts

A Michigan Home School Legal Defense Association member family recently wanted to allow their daughter to participate in the local Daisy Girl Scouts. However, because she was a home schooler, the family experienced some difficulty until HSLDA stepped in to advise and assist them.

Mr. and Mrs. S. had begun a kindergarten home school program for their 4-year-old daughter. Since the Daisy Girl Scouts allow girls in kindergarten or first grade to join their program, Mr. and Mrs. S. decided to enroll their daughter.

However, the local Girl Scout office told Mrs. S. that her daughter "could not be in kindergarten" because she was too young. The office also wanted "proof" that the family's home school was registered.

After Mrs. S. called HSLDA for advice, and contacted the Girl Scout office again, they agreed to let the girl participate if they received additional information from our office. HSLDA provided the Girl Scouts with a letter explaining that the state of Michigan does not require registration for home schooling families, and verifying that our member family had notified us that they were home schooling their daughter. After this exchange, she was allowed to join the Daisy Girl Scouts and has already attended her first meeting.