October 16, 2001

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Kristen Strickland

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Home Schoolers Give President Bush Donations for Afghan Children

America's Youth Respond to Afghan Children's Fund
Remarks by the President on America's Fund for Afghanistan Children

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Kristen Strickland, an 11-year-old home schooled student from Philamont, Virginia, told the President of the United States that she fed her brother's chickens to earn money to give to America's Fund for Afghan Children.

At a public event held in the ornate lobby of the headquarters of the American Red Cross, Kristen and 12 other home schooled children were a part of a group of about a hundred who listened to President George W. Bush tell the assembled public and media of the progress that has been made to collect money for Afghan children who have been victimized by the inhumane policies of the Taliban.

President Bush specifically thanked the home schooled children for their participation in the drive to raise money for Afghan children and recognized that they were accompanied by "my friend, Mike Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association."

HSLDA and the HomeSchool Channel at Crosswalk.com have launched a joint effort to encourage home schoolers to participate in this project.

"There is no historical parallel for what President Bush is doing," said HSLDA Chairman and General Counsel Mike Farris, after attending the event. "Providing aid to the children of the nation which has harbored our enemy shows both the best of the American people and the difference that can be made when we have a compassionate Christian leader."

Farris, who is also the president of Patrick Henry College, noted the parallel between this effort to aid children and a speech recently delivered at the college by John Lenczowski, the National Security Council's Director of European and Soviet Affairs under President Ronald Reagan. "PHC students were told of the history of Soviet efforts to use public diplomacy to poison the minds of millions of Muslims about America," Farris said. "America failed, particularly during the 1990s, to constructively engage the public in this volatile region on behalf of America and its bedrock principles of freedom, justice, and self-government. By our own inaction in the past, we have encouraged the extremist elements in this region. America's Fund for Afghan Children is just one effort of this very different president who is trying to show that America is a true friend to all who believe in peace, justice, and self-government."

"We hope that all home schooling families will urge their children to participate in this fund and to help bring peace in the midst of war by winning the hearts of innocent children and their families who are caught in a country whose leaders are preaching hatred of America," Farris added.

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On October 16, home schoolers (l. to r.) Anna Stephens, Whitney Ruybalid, Emily Farris, Anna and Abigail Parker, Janelle Gregory, Elizabeth LaRock, Jake Holman, Jamie Gregory, David Parker, Daniel Protic, Kristen Strickland, and Sarah Mickahail, traveled to Washington, D.C., to affirm to President Bush their desire and commitment to help the children of Afghanistan.

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