October 15, 2001

HSLDA Defends California Members from Illegal Intrusion

Beginning this school year, several home schooling families in Shasta County and Siskiyou County have been harassed by their school districts. Home School Legal Defense Association is standing up to protect our members' right to home school without illegal government monitoring.

In Shasta County, home schoolers who operate as private schools under California law received a letter informing them that the school district was planning to evaluate their private schools to ensure that they complied with state law. Siskiyou County went even further, requesting that the home schools be available for inspection by school officials to evaluate attendance records, course of study/curriculum, and teacher qualifications.

HSLDA contacted both districts on behalf of our member families, explaining our concern that their letters asserted a right to evaluate and approve private schools that is not provided for under the verification procedures set out in California law. We clarified that where there is an alleged truancy, and a child's attendance at a private school is in question, the only relevant fact to be verified under Education Code 48222 is whether or not the private school has filed the required affidavit. We are waiting for both counties to respond.