September 10, 2001

Pennsylvania District Demands Meeting to "Approve" Home Schooling

Home School Legal Defense Association recently protected a Pennsylvania member family's right to home school in accordance with the law, despite the best efforts of the superintendent to impose numerous illegal requirements.

Mr. and Mrs. W received a letter from the Fairview School District informing them that before they began home schooling, they would have to submit a copy of their curriculum and meet with the superintendent for "approval" of their program. Until that time, the letter explained, their child would have to attend public school.

The letter tried to impose many other unauthorized requirements, such as filling out an extra Home School Student Information Form and accounting for every minute of instruction, with a record of what was taught. The letter also directly violated Pennsylvania Department of Education policy in several areas, including the deadline for assessment and whether or not to submit a high school diploma.

After Mr. and Mrs. W forwarded a copy of this letter to HSLDA, we wrote to the superintendent of Fairview, informing him that our member family would not meet with him under any circumstance, and explaining to him that he was in conflict with state law in attempting to force all these requirements upon home schoolers.

Pennsylvania home school law is one of the more restrictive laws in the country, and HSLDA's legal staff resolves many legal conflicts every year on behalf of our members in the Keystone State. Presently, we are working with legislators and home school leaders to make significant improvements in the law. Our goal is to make it easier for home schooling families to teach their children at home, free from unnecessary government intervention.