September 10, 2001

Excessive 'Requirements' Imposed in Illinois

Some Illinois schools are attempting to mandate a number of unlawful "requirements" for home schoolers, including home visits, home school registration forms, and class schedules.

Although Illinois School Code remains unchanged, home schoolers have been surprised by a number of "new policies" established by local school districts this fall. Below are a number of contacts on which Home School Legal Defense Association is working.

The Regional Office of Education for Clark/Coles/Cumberland/Douglas/Edgar/Moultrie/Shelby Counties (ROE 11) requested member families to complete the School Registration form, which required children's names and dates of birth. Additionally, ROE 11 requested that each home school submit a detailed class schedule and school calendar.

In Fulton and Schuyler Counties, the ROE insisted that home schoolers fill out a Nonpublic Registration Enrollment and Staff Report in order to be registered with the school district. This report required detailed information regarding subjects taught, religious affiliations, number of children enrolled, and immunization records.

Kane County ROE demanded that parents verify they are providing home instruction to their children by filling out a detailed form.

Whiteside County's ROE requested parents to fill out a Home School Registration form. In a flagrant violation of families' Fourth Amendment constitutional rights, Whiteside also scheduled a time when they would conduct a "home visit" to meet with the parents to and "discuss" their home education program.

None of these demands is required by Illinois state law. HSLDA is working in each of these districts to quickly resolve these issues. We encourage our members who are contacted by a school official making unlawful demands to immediately contact HSLDA's legal staff for assistance.