August 21, 2001

Pennsylvania Principal Invents New Requirements

After home schooling their children for several years without incident, Home School Legal Defense Association members Mr. & Mrs. O recently ran into a school principal in Pennsylvania's Antietam School District who had her own ideas about what home schooling means.

During a standard portfolio review for one of the O's children, the local public high school principal told Mrs. O that home schoolers in the Antietam District were required to complete the public school's reading list. Later, the principal left a message on the family's answering machine, adding that Mrs. O had to conduct a portfolio review for her children at the conclusion of the first and second semesters of the school year, as well as file a criminal history record with the school district as supervisor of the home education program.

Mrs. O contacted HSLDA through our website, asking whether any of these demands were legitimate Because Pennsylvania law does not authorize any of these demands, HSLDA immediately wrote to the Antietam School District superintendent, informing him that the local principal was giving out false information and trying to force home school families to comply with her illegal and burdensome requirements.

Mr. and Mrs. O have heard nothing more from the principal or the school district. They will continue to home school this year, hopefully without any further interference.