August 13, 2001

Michigan Family Harassed by Social Service Agents

Last week, a Home School Legal Defense Association member family from upper Michigan was shocked to find two social workers at the front door, responding to an allegation that the parents were physically abusing their children. The fact that a witness, rather than an anonymous tipster, had called in the allegation made the charge more serious.

The family immediately called HSLDA. Over the phone, our attorney for Michigan reminded the social workers of the family's constitutional protection against unwarranted entry into the home. One of the social workers revealed that he had tried getting back in touch with the witness and found out that the witness had given a false name and phone number, thus undermining the credibility of the allegation.

After nearly two hours of discussion with HSLDA at the family's door, the social worker said he could close the case if he could simply see the children at the door and ask them a few questions. The father consented.

As the HSLDA attorney listened in over the phone, each of the children cheerfully and articulately answered a few questions. This apparently satisfied the social workers, who promised to close the case and to work with the local prosecutor to track down the malicious tipster. We are thankful God enabled us to resolve this situation so quickly.

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