July 24, 2001

Child's Rash Leads to Police Investigation

A home schooling family's celebration of Independence Day took an unexpected turn this year, leading to a police investigation.

After enjoying a private fireworks display, one of the family's daughters developed a mysterious rash on her face, possibly due to proximity to the fireworks. The concerned father immediately took her to their pediatrician, who asked how the rash occurred. In response to the father's uncertainty, the pediatrician reported the family to the police as a possible abuse case.

This HSLDA member family knew their rights and confidently explained matters to the investigating police officers, who realized that there was no abuse involved in the rash and closed the investigation as "unfounded."

This scenario vividly demonstrates the importance of sound legal advice in a time when seeking proper medical attention can lead to unnecessary state intervention. We encourage our member families to call HSLDA immediately if contacted by a social worker or the police.