July 16, 2001

HSLDA Responds to Unauthorized School District Demands

As home schooling families prepare to begin the 2001-02 school year, many are facing unlawful demands from their local school districts. Home School Legal Defense Association has addressed the following problems this week:

  • Gallia School District in Ohio informed home schoolers that they must meet with the superintendent and pick up an "application" for home schooling. Law requires no such meeting, and home schoolers in Ohio do not "apply" to home school.

  • Abington School District in Pennsylvania informed home schoolers that standardized testing was required for students in grades four and seven. Actually, Pennsylvania law requires testing in grades three, five, and eight.

  • Laramie School District in Wyoming requested that home schoolers submit their information by August 3, use the district's Notice of Intent form, file a "detailed educational plan" including a scope and sequence for each subject, and fill out certain forms regarding participation in special education through the public school. None of these are required by law.

HSLDA responded to each of these districts on behalf of our members, explaining the law, and thus protecting our members' right to home school their children.