July 16, 2001

Citizen Training 2001

The Free Congress Foundation's Center for Conservative Governance is holding several one-day basic training seminars for grassroots activists and citizens who desire to be active in both the governing of the nation and the rebuilding of civilization.

Home School Legal Defense Association has worked closely with Free Congress on many family freedom issues. Paul Weyrich, founder of the Free Congress Foundation, spoke at HSLDA's 1999 National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference.

The main objective of the Center for Conservative Governance (CCG) is to provide citizens with the knowledge and skills they need to be active and educated participants in the political process.

Millions of American citizens today do not have a working knowledge of our country's founding documents-the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Many people believe this lack of knowledge is a key factor in the deterioration of our nation. America can be restored, only if citizens understand and uphold the law set forth in the founding documents. CCG is committed to training individuals in the principles necessary to rebuild the American Republic.

Seminar topics include:

How a legislative body works;
Why grassroots organization is important;
How to set up a grassroots organization;
How to recruit and keep volunteers;
How to lobby;
Understanding and relating to the media; and
Avoiding burnout.

For more information about CCG Citizenship Training seminars contact the Free Congress Foundation and Center for Conservative Governance at: www.freecongress.org, or write to Connie Marshner, Free Congress Foundation, Training Center, 804 Rodney Ave., Front Royal, VA 22630; (540) 636-7842.