July 10, 2001

The NEA Drops Homosexuality Resolution

The National Education Association dropped a resolution last week, which would have encouraged schools to develop a curriculum that supports the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lifestyles. The materials would have also addressed student issues like suicide and "health risk behaviors," as well as the heritage, culture, and history of homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people.

Over 600 protesters picketed the NEA meeting last Tuesday. Their concern was that the material proposed by the NEA promoted homosexuality among the students. But a decision to drop the resolution came after members of the Gay and Lesbian Caucus made a recommendation that the NEA postpone their decision. NEA officials said the teachers' union planned to form a task force to explore the issue more thoroughly before taking any further action. "This is an emotional topic for everyone, and we believe a task force is the best way to first hear everyone's voice and then develop actions that will create safer schools for children and staff," said Cathy Figel, co-chairman for the NEA's Gay and Lesbian Caucus.

"This resolution is consistent with NEA's commitment to eliminate parental rights and oversight in education, said Caleb Kershner, acting director of the National Center for Home Education. "The NEA is one of the biggest opponents of parents' rights to home school. For several years, they have issued a resolution to mandate teacher licensing and state approved curriculum for home schoolers." The NEA has a membership of approximately 2.6 million people.

Our public schools have become a battleground where various interest groups and political entities war for our children's hearts and minds. The NEA's attempt to promote objectionable behaviors through school curriculum reminds us of why home schooling is such a valuable alternative for our children.