June 5, 2001

HSLDA's Membership Department Begins Busy Season

Every summer, Home School Legal Defense Association's membership department kicks into high gear to process thousands upon thousands of new applications and renew thousands of existing member families. This means towering piles of paper to process and long lists of phone calls to return. To handle the work, we hire several extra staff people to assist us during the summer months.

We average 1,000 non-member telephone calls a week during the summer months from families inquiring about home schooling. Our membership coordinators handle between 60 and 80 calls every day, as well as helping to process the hundreds of renewals we receive each day in the mail and online. We review and process 2,000-3,000 applications a month and 5,000-10,000 renewals a month.

We also hire more staff on Mondays JUST to open the mail. One day last year, four people opening and sorting mail could not finish until 4:55 p.m!

Please pray for our membership department as they give their very best efforts to efficiently serve home school families across the country this summer. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding when you contact our office for assistance during busy season.