May 18, 2001

Four-year-old's Exploration Results in Social Worker Contact

A home schooling family in an Oklahoma City suburb recently called HSLDA for assistance in dealing with a contact from Department of Human Services.

Answering the ringing phone on a morning in early May, this mother found herself speaking to a social worker who was calling to schedule a home visit and interviews with all the children. The social worker was following up on a police report that had been filed two weeks earlier when the four-year-old had wandered out of the house into an unfamiliar neighborhood. According to the report, a resident of that neighborhood found him and, not knowing who he was or where he lived, took him to the police station.

On HSLDA's advice, the family refused to allow unlimited private interviews but offered to discuss the matter at a neutral location. The social worker replied by letter accusing them of failure to "cooperate."

HSLDA wrote to the social worker, advising her that we represent this family and that any further contacts must come to us first, not the family. The social worker has not replied to our letter or made any further attempt to contact the family.

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