May 11, 2001

School Harasses Home Schooling Family

CALIFORNIA—Mr. and Mrs. E have been home schooling for two years, but the local public school recently tried to force them to register their children with the public school for no legitimate reason.

The Montebello Unified School District recently sent an "outreach specialist" to Mr. and Mrs. E's house. After talking to Mrs. E, the specialist insisted that the family had to register their children with the public school to be in compliance with the law.

Since the school official refused to accept Mrs. E's statement that the family was legally home schooling, Home School Legal Defense Association stepped in to defend the family. We faxed the school official a letter, explaining that under California law, parents who enroll their children in a private school are not required to register with or enroll in the public school. Since Mr. and Mrs. E are enrolled in a private school independent study program, the public school had no right to require any sort of registration. Following this letter, Montebello has made no further demands that the family register.