March 14, 2001

An Isolated Incident . . . or Not?

MICHIGAN—Mr. and Mrs. M were surprised and disturbed by a packet of letters their daughter recently received from students at their local public school. Third graders in this Michigan public school had written letters to the M's daughter describing their classroom activities, including taking spelling tests, reading books, and playing games. Many of the children's letters said, "I hope you can go to a public school someday," and several of them expressed sympathy for her because she does not have a class or classmates.

Mr. and Mrs. M's daughter has never been to public school. Apparently the local third grade teacher is using her students to try to make a home schooled student feel bad that her parents have chosen to educate her at home. We are concerned that the teacher may be inappropriately using her position to give her students a negative impression of home schooling.

Has your family ever received letters like this from students in a public school? If so, we would be interested in hearing about it.

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