April 24, 2001

April 16-20, 2001: Over 300 Members Contact HSLDA for Assistance

HSLDA's legal department handled over 300 contacts this past week. Questions from members came in a variety of forms—from e-mails to letters and faxes to phone calls.

The inquiries covered a wide variety of subjects, including questions about state laws from members moving to a new state, home schooling special needs children, public school access, and many calls about education bills in state legislatures. We were also contacted by several member families who had been contacted by social workers or school officials investigating allegations of truancy or demanding that they divulge information not required by state law. We were able to send letters to the appropriate officials on behalf of the member families, explaining that the families were in compliance with the home schooling laws in the respective states. We also presented oral arguments in a case in Kentucky. (http://www.hslda.org/legal/state/ky/20001227SarahD/default.asp)

Historically, spring is the calm season in the legal department. Most of the state legislative sessions are drawing to a close and the threat from bad bills are greatly reduced, and there is a lull in legal contacts as the public school year winds down. But this year, the volume of calls from members has not diminished. Although some cases get more publicity than others, we consider every question from members to be equally important. Please contact our legal department with your questions about state legislation, home school laws, contacts with social workers or school officials.