April 3, 2001

HSLDA Weighs In on Administration's Education Plan

As a follow up to an earlier meeting with Vice President Cheney, HSLDA has submitted a list of suggested technical modifications to the President's "No Child Left Behind" Education proposal.

"We think the President has done a great job in offering reform to the public schools," said Mike Farris, HSLDA's General Counsel.

"HSLDA applauds the President's efforts to change the traditional role of the federal government from a source of failed policy prescriptions to one of a funding stream that encourages innovation and reform," said Mike Smith, HSLDA President. "The plan clearly increases flexibility, consolidates programs, and focuses on education methods that are research based."

Smith added, "The home schooling movement has succeeded principally because hundreds of thousands of moms and dads have focused on the academic needs of individual students - their children. We understand the need for high academic standards, early reading, and true parental choice."

"HSLDA is pleased that so many of these principles are included in the President's plan," said Doug Domenech, Executive Director of the the National Center for Home Education, HSLDA's federal lobbying arm. "However, while HSLDA is excited by so much of what is outlined in the plan, there are a few clarifications and technical modifications that we think are critically needed to increase its success."

There are three areas that need technical modification or clarification.

  1. Strengthening Home School Freedoms And Protections.

  2. Modifying the Plan's Testing Component.

  3. Broadening the Plan's Choice Component.

Both the U.S. House and Senate are working on their legislative language in response to the President's plan. HSLDA will work to see that our changes are included in these bills.

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