March 23, 2001

Legislative Victory in Louisiana

LOUISIANAA massive outpouring of calls from concerned home schoolers forced a Louisiana senator to withdraw his alarming legislation.

Louisiana Senate Bill 116, introduced by Senator Gerald Theunissen, was a major threat to home schooling freedom. This bill would have eliminated the option of filing as a private school. Every home schooling parent would have had to apply to the state board of education annually for approval.

HSLDA and the Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Louisiana (CHEF-LA) immediately alerted our members of this threat to home schooling freedom. Hundreds of calls began flooding the offices of the sponsor and other senators, asking that the bill be withdrawn.

Overwhelmed by phones ringing off the hook, Senator Theunissen's office confirmed to HSLDA Monday that he would withdraw the bill as soon as the Senate session begins March 23, 2001, and Theunissen's staff asked that home schoolers stop calling the office.

Under current Louisiana law, parents may choose one of two options. First, they can apply to the state board of education annually for approval of their home study program. This requires filing information about their curriculum, work samples, and/or test scores every year.

Instead of this, many parents choose the second option: filing as a private school under Louisiana Revised Statutes Sections 17:236 and 17:232. Under this option, parents need only report the total number of students attending the private school.

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