March 13, 2001

New Mexico home schoolers rally support for eliminating standardized test requirement

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March 13, 2001
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SANTA FE New Mexico home schoolers will win a significant victory for freedom in their state if Governor Gary Johnson signs an important piece of legislation already approved by both the house and the senate.

Besides eliminating the requirement to take standardized tests, the bill would allow home school parents to stop submitting attendance and immunization records to their local school district.

Arizona passed a law in 1995 eliminating that state's requirement that home schoolers take a standardized test.

After home schoolers communicated their overwhelming support for Senate Bill 374, it passed the Senate, 37-1, and the house, 39-11.

The only remaining challenge is the governor's signature.

"This has been an impressive performance by the home schoolers of New Mexico," said Darren Jones, an attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association. "The home schoolers need to ask Governor Johnson to please sign SB 374. School districts will save administrative costs when these unnecessary restrictions on home schoolers are lifted."

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