November 12, 2013

Pray for a Place of Refuge

Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is asking people to join him for a day of prayer and fasting for the Romeike family on Sunday, November 17. The Romeike family and HSLDA are awaiting a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on whether or not they will hear Romeike v. Holder, a case that could decide the fate of the family and other families seeking refuge in the United States from unfair persecution.

Uwe and Hannalore Romeike came to the United States after facing thousands of dollars in fines, possible jail time, and loss of child custody simply because they chose to homeschool their children, which is illegal in Germany. In 2010, the family was originally granted asylum on the grounds of persecution, but the Obama administration challenged the ruling of the immigration judge, and the Sixth Circuit Court upheld the administration’s decision to deport the family in 2013.

High Court Appeal

Farris and HSLDA submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court in October and expect to hear the court’s decision whether to take the case on November 26. “I feel good about our argument, but we must all recognize that the Supreme Court takes a very limited number of cases—so please pray that the court will agree to hear our appeal,” Farris said in a statement that was sent out earlier this week.

The court’s decision comes in light of the recent news of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, a homeschooling family in Germany whose home was raided by the police and whose their children were forcibly removed in late September. The Wunderlichs since then have been given back their children on the condition that they send them to a state school. Dirk and Petra are now fighting to regain custody of the children so they can leave Germany and move to a country that is friendly to homeschoolers.

“The United States should be open to receiving the Romeikes and Wunderlichs of the world,” said Farris, “but unfortunately, our current administration doesn’t believe that banning parental choice is a violation of human rights. The Romeikes are modern-day pilgrims, and we ask that everyone joins us in praying for them on November 17.”