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January 30, 2012

“Are Homeschoolers Out of Their Minds?”

James Mason
HSLDA Senior Counsel

What did you think when you read this teaser on the cover of the February 6 issue of Newsweek magazine?

If you are like me, your blood pressure began to rise, you began marshaling all of your “liberal media” talking points, and then you remembered that Proverbs probably says you should read the darn thing before you go nuts on your Facebook page. So then—yes only then—you read the article.

Then you repented. Because the title was intentionally provocative, but the article is a positive, even pleasant story about “why urban, educated parents are turning to DIY education.”

You may read the article here >>

True, the author suggests that “We”—meaning the typical Newsweek reader—“think of homeschoolers as evangelicals or off-the-gridders who spend a lot of time at kitchen tables in the countryside. And it’s true that most homeschooling parents do so for moral or religious reasons.”

But the rest of the article goes on to explain how more and more highly educated, urban-dwelling parents are catching on to what “we” evangelical, off-the-gridders have known for decades—Homeschooling works!

After getting to know several homeschooling families, the author wistfully considers homeschooling herself. “So the more I hung out with homeschoolers, the more I found myself picking him [her preschool-aged son] up from school early, to squeeze in some of the fun these families were having. I began to think, why not homeschool?”

Yes indeed. Why not homeschool?

Jim and his wife, Debbie, spend lots of time sitting at their kitchen table in their rural Shenandoah Valley home, homeschooling their seven children.