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J. Michael Smith, Esq.

Michael P. Farris, Esq.

Homeschool Families v. Social Security Administration

July 12, 2010

Because of our years of involvement with the homeschooling movement, HSLDA is able to assist our members in a broad array of homeschooling related issues, Social Security and Department of Veteran’s Affairs benefits being merely one example. Each year we handle dozens of these cases for homeschooling families at no cost to them. Normally, attorneys who handle Social Security appeals are eligible to collect up to 25% of the recovery in attorney fees. This is just one example of the small—but significant—ways HSLDA assists our member families.

When dependent children turn 18, they become ineligible for most federal dependency benefits unless they can prove that they’re still full-time students. While this is easy for publicly and most privately educated students, homeschooled students can often run into more difficulty. The HSLDA litigation department frequently assists homeschooling families in navigating through the bureaucracy of continuing and, when denied, reinstating these benefits.

Recent examples of such benefits assistance include:

  • Virginia family (2010)—over $250 per month
  • Michigan family (2010)—over $1,000 per month
  • Virginia family (2010)—over $3,000 in back pay and over $1000 per month
  • Idaho family (2010)—over $1,400 in back pay
  • Virginia family (2009)—over $1,000 per month
  • Oklahoma family (2009)—over $5,600 in back pay
  • Michigan family (2009)—over $11,000 in back pay
  • South Carolina family (2009)—over $700 per month
  • Oklahoma family (2009)—over $800 per month
  • Georgia family (2009)—over $600 per month
  • Kansas family (2009)—over $5,000 in back pay