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HSLDA Poetry Contest

And the winners are…

The results for the 2007 Poetry contest are in! This year’s participants responded to the themes in many creative ways and we are pleased to announce the winners.

In Category I, students from 9 to 13 wrote a sonnet with the theme “Side by Side.” The first place poem in this category is Elise Parsons’ To A Sonnet. Second place goes to Hannah Lieberman for her poem God’s Wonders. Sacrifice by Rebecca Frazer took third place. The two honorable mentions go to Constance Chan for Setting Out: The Mission Trip and Emily Crouse for The Dream.

“These poems had beautiful moments of captivating imagery,” relates one of the judges.

For Category II, students from 14 to 18 wrote a dramatic monologue in blank verse. The theme was “Between the Lines.” The first place prize goes to Rebekah Curry for Ingersleben’s Introduction. Second place is awarded to Michelle Porter for Telemachus. In third place is Hannah Landis with Remembering Patriotism. The two honorable mentions go to Reina Laaman for The Golden Cloak and Laura Hartman for Clara Barton, the Woman Patriot.

One of our judges says, “I found the stories in these poems to be quite engaging. It was so intriguing to see the breadth of human experience the authors choose to relate.”

Chuck Hurst, Executive Director of the Home School Foundation, says, “HSLDA and the Home School Foundation are proud to be sponsoring this and other contests that encourage homeschoolers to develop and demonstrate their great talents, and we look forward to encouraging more and more students to participate and grow. We thank everyone who participated, knowing that much work lies behind each painstaking line. Every participant and parent has much to be proud of!”

The proceeds from the contest will be given to the Home School Foundation Special Needs Fund.

Read the winning poems:
(Click on poem title to view)

Category 1 (ages 9-13):
Category 2 (ages 14-18):
First Place
Elise Parsons
To A Sonnet

Second Place
Hannah Lieberman
God’s Wonders

Third Place
Rebecca Frazer

Honorable Mention
Constance Chan
Setting Out: The Mission Trip

Honorable Mention
Emily Crouse
The Dream

First Place
Rebekah Curry
Ingersleben’s Introduction

Second Place
Michelle Porter

Third Place
Hannah Elizabeth Landis
Remembering Patriotism

Honorable Mention
Reina Laaman
The Golden Cloak

Honorable Mention
Lauren Elizabeth Hartman
Clara Barton, the Woman Patriot

Madeline Marsh
Caitlin Magness
David Sommerfeld
Christian Korta
Anna Reynolds
Nichole Frazer
Rebekah Hillsman