HSLDA Poetry Contest

2005 HSLDA Poetry Contest a Success!

This spring HSLDA held its first annual Poetry Contest. From the very beginning, the contest has been viewed with excitement. A family in Iowa wrote to us, "We have a daughter who lives and breaths poetry; what a joy it will be to offer her the challenge presented by the contest." Because of the newness of the contest and the difficulty of writing in a strict form, a slow response was expected. We were very pleased to have received 176 entries.

The judges were impressed with the quality of the poems in both categories and are pleased to have chosen this year's winners. "I think [they] are truly deserving of recognition, not just that they were the best of the lot but that they were genuinely good poems."

In Category I, students from 11 to 15 wrote a Shakespearian sonnet on the theme of "Time." The first place poem in this category is Phylicia Duran's "Mount Vernon's Grandfather Clock." Second place goes to Madeleine Marsh for her poem "The Day." Third place goes to Christina Bishop's "Don't Grow Up." One of our judges says, "The sonnet is one of my favorite forms. The winning pieces are characterized by strong imagery and feeling. As someone who did not learn to write sonnets until college, I am both impressed and encouraged. Thank you to everyone who submitted."

For Category II, students from 16 to 18 wrote a villanelle-an intricate form derived from 16th century French poetry-on the theme of "Suffering." The first place prize goes to Matthew McDaniel for "In My Own Morning." Second place is awarded to Lauren De Vries for "Chrysalis." In third place is Kelly Rose Tillson's "Requiem-1929." One of the judges relates, "It was difficult to pick winners for the high school contest. There were far more than three with the poetic quality to deserve recognition. We feel that the pieces chosen show a particularly good use of the villanelle form, as well as the use of language and images to get across a clear, vibrant idea."

First place in each category was $150. Second was $100. Third was $50.

The proceeds from the contest will be given to the Home School Foundation Special Needs Fund.

Read the winning poems:
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Category 1 (ages 11-15):
Category 2 (ages 16-18):
First Place
Phylicia Duran
Mount Vernon's Grandfather Clock

Second Place
Madeleine Marsh
The Day

Third Place
Christina Bishop
Don't Grow Up

First Place
Matthew McDaniel
In My Own Morning

Second Place
Lauren De Vries

Third Place
Kelly Rose Tillson

Alexandra Newman
Rebekah Curry
Kiersten Cory Linder
Michelle E Frazer
Aubrey Poole
Elizabeth Stearns
Kalani Quidera
Kirsten Buslinger
Casey Palmer
Peter Forbes
Grace Ann Lichlyter
Jordan Roberts