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Second HSLDA Essay Contest
Category 1 Third Place

Carrying the Burden

By Christine Bron

Her name was April. She stood on a street comer waiting for the bus. The consequence of her decision had led her to the conclusion that she had no choice but to run away. The weight of this emotional burden was far too great for her fifteen years. She was thinking about having an abortion. Never before had she felt so alone.

April's story, though not true, is all-too-often the story of young women and girls today. If I were given 50,000 dollars, I would put it towards a pregnancy center for unmarried pregnant mothers and mothers of illegitimate newborns. The purpose would be to provide hope and healing for women like April.

The center would be a home, rather than a clinic. Much like a lodge or a large bed and breakfast, the center would provide private rooms for up to 25 mothers. The center would offer temporary or more lengthy stays, depending on each individual situation, and the area surrounding the center would be pleasant, with recreational options, such as swimming.

Classes would be offered to provide information on taking care of infants and child rearing. Course topics would not be limited to such practical issues as these, but would include more personal issues such as how to be a single mother, the truth about abortion, and how to cope with past mistakes. Every guest would be welcomed regardless of their background. Instead of being reprimanded, each mother would be encouraged toward God and a new life.

The people hired to work at the center would be caring and compassionate, many having gone through the same situations as the guests. There would be an on-campus midwife to deliver newborns. The center would be partnered with an adoption agency for mothers who do not wish to or have no way of caring for their child, and work opportunities would be available to those who have no income. There would even be a chapel on campus for Sunday services.

In Galatians 6:2, God tells us to "carry each other's burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ." A pregnancy center like this would be a way of carrying the burdens of the young women reached through it. I am fully aware that 50,000 dollars would not be nearly enough to accomplish everything which is involved in a pregnancy center. However, it would certainly be a start, and the joy of being able to save the life of a child and graft hope and healing into a young mother's life would be worth all the money in the world.