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 Top Stories (2019 Archive)

Debbie Needed Legal Help and a Community. She Got Both.
When a 16-year-old asked her guardian to homeschool her, neither one expected to wind up in court.

More Top Stories (2019 Archive)

HSLDA Helps Work Out the Knots for Massage Therapy Candidate

New Grad. New Job. Old Problem.

Commissioner: Time to Untangle our Homeschooling Rules

RMU Déjà Vu: University Cites False Acceptance Criteria. Again.

College to Homeschool Mom: State Teacher Credentials Don’t Count

Lax Officials Skip Steps, Threaten Homeschool Mom

Does Homeschooling Really “Cost” School Districts Millions?

Labeling Dropouts as Homeschoolers Hurts Everyone

Virginia: Can School Districts Write Laws?

Homeschooled Drivers Stalled by the DMV

“Unaccredited” Graduate Can Still Be a Credit to Her Country

Baltimore: “Homeschooling Starts in Public School.” ???

Federal Report: Homeschooling Doubled in Last 20 Years

Discrimination with a Long Bloodline—Phlebotomy License Denied

Grad Goes to Jail … But It’s Not What You Think

CPS: “Strip-Searching Kids is OK.” Um, No!

Homeschool Moves Ahead After Family Trauma

Uproara, Colorado

Oops! Publicly Funded Homeschool “Partnership” Owes $1.2 Million

Engineering & African Drumming Inspire Homeschool Graduate

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Oh Buoy: Brothers Score Swim Team Victory

Meetings Encourage Families to Resist Unlawful Demands

Education Officials Listen, Make Online Form Safer

The School Rejected My Notice: What Now?

Baltimore City Withdraws Unlawful Demands

Fighting For a Homeschooled EMT’s Job Application

Department Threatens Truancy Over Date of Birth, School Year

Update: What’s Wrong with the Department of Education Forms?

“Educators for Maine” Loans and Loan Forgiveness Now Available to Homeschool Graduates

Maryland’s “Observe Instruction” Rule Overthrown at Last

Do I Need to File Homeschool Paperwork if my Child is in an Online Private School?

Governor Signs Bill Lowering Compulsory School Attendance to Age 6

Homeschool Graduate Told His Diploma Isn’t Good Enough

No Booklist? We’re Throwing the Book at You!

Protecting Children from Unnecessary Trauma

Public School District Says State “Expects” All to Use Online System

Barrier To Law Enforcement Job Removed

Notary Requirement Removed from Notice of Intent!

HSLDA to Official: It’s Not a Threat, It’s the Law

Homeschool Database: Unsafe, Unlawful, and Not Really Mandatory

What’s Wrong with the Department of Education Forms?

School Official Targets Special Needs Homeschool

School Board Resumes Battle Against Faith-Based Homeschooling

Fair Deal for Homeschool Grads Seeking Real Estate Careers

Push to Expand 529 Accounts Moves to Senate

Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers

Parents Hopeful: No More Arrests for “Good Faith” Homeschooling

Government: “we’ll help you raise your baby!” Um, no!

Protecting Kids: Yes or No to Strip Searches?

The VA Causes Grief for Homeschoolers

School District Fakes It … But Doesn’t Make It

Don’t Use State’s Form

District Agrees to Stop Calling Online Program a Homeschool

College Doesn’t Discriminate, But Website Still Does

District Has to See it to Believe … That She’s 6?

Protect Children from Strip Searches, HSLDA Asks Supreme Court

Long-Overdue Improvements to Homeschool Law Are Closer to Reality

District Admits “Termination” Letter Could Have Been Worded Better

Why Force Them? Not All 5-Year-Olds Are Ready for School

Why HSLDA is Not Opposing the Sports Access Bill, H.B. 857

Unlike College Admissions Cheaters, Homeschoolers Show Merit Still Counts

Labor Rule Discriminates Against Homeschool Teens

School Experiments with Unauthorized Science Assessments

Legislators Feel the Heat, Amend Bad Bill

Amendment Reduces H.B. 356’s Impact on Homeschooling

Tax Credit for Scholarships Could Boost Homeschooling

Illinois, Iowa, New York—Disturbing Trends

After 15 Years, Victory in SD!

College Grad Can’t Take College Classes?

No Child Should Start School Feeling Left Behind

Homeschool Registration Bill Tabled by Sponsor

H.B. 356’s Impact on Homeschooling—What you Need to Know

Caught Between Two School Districts

Enrolling in Driver’s Ed “A Snap” Thanks to HSLDA

Mom Arrested and Booked for Homeschooling

Since When is Moving a Federal Offense?

Past Victories, New Legislative Challenges

Students, Congressmen Rally in D.C. for School Choice

Families Flummoxed by Non-Census Nonsense

Double Standard Denies Benefits to Homeschool Students

School Board Calls for Change to Religious Exemption

Mom Keeps Better Records than District

Employer Wants Proof of Graduation—From 20 Years Ago

School Official Calls HSLDA Arguments “Persuasive” and Retracts Unlawful Position

District Database Causes Headaches for Homeschoolers

Do Everything Right, Face a Truant Officer