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 Top Stories (2018 Archive)

Restricting Homeschool Families the Wrong Response to Tragedy
Misdirected blame leads to ineffective solutions.

More Top Stories (2018 Archive)

Loudoun Targets Virginia’s Religious Exemption

Dispute Over Paperwork ≠ Neglect

Iowa Student Living in Texas Collides with Driver’s License Obstacle

Sheriff Tries to Enforce Old Version of Homeschool Law

Mom Survives Hurricanes, Only to Face a CPS Investigation

They Changed the Rules, Then Blamed the Families

Homeschool Graduate Cleared for Hiring, But Too Late

School Officials Refuse to Let Student Go

Standardized Teaching = Top Test Scores?

Dear CPS: Please Follow State Policy!

Grad’s Struggle Clears Way for Others to Take Vocational Exam

The Ugly Truth About Cosmetology Schools and Discrimination

Dear Registrar: Did the Cloud Eat My Transcript?

Nice Try, School District, But You’re Wrong

Paperwork Havoc for Homeschoolers

U.S. Dept. of Ed. Conference Highlights Homeschooling

Online Public School = Easy Button? Not So Fast

Department of Education Issues 6 Inaccurate Statements

District Misses Paperwork, Investigates Family

Middletown Won’t Send Letter of Correction

Family’s Notice Eaten by the Internet?

HSLDA Peels Away Red Tape So Family Can Keep Homeschooling

Police Question Military Vet’s Homeschool Diploma

“It’s Difficult to Call That Anything But Discrimination”

School Apologizes for Remediation Threat

Justifacts to HSLDA: Help Us Treat Homeschoolers Fairly

District Fails to Process Homeschool Notices So CPS Investigates Families

2 Emails From HSLDA. 1 Homeschool Grad’s Application Approved.

Give Me Your Curriculum by this Afternoon

Court Threat Averted

District Drafts Policy, Forgets State Law

Get a GED in 7 Days, or No Job for You!

Family Turns the Tables on Unauthorized Investigation

How This Homeschool Grad Changed an Admissions Director’s Mind

Official: Homeschool Diploma Disqualifies Mom from Teaching

Planes, Buses, and Busted Oxygen Tanks: 21.5 Hours to Santa Fe?

Homeschoolers Rally Against Forced Speech

Dad’s Detective Skills Deliver Drexel to Daughter

Student Evaluated for Special Needs After HSLDA Intervenes

Keeping the Homeschool Notice Simple—and Legal

NM Officials Double Down on Unlawful Demands

Cruz Intros Education Savings Plan to Include Homeschoolers

Homeschool Dad Takes On Driver’s Ed Discrimination

Sorry, Officials: Homeschooling Doesn’t Require Your Approval

HSLDA Alerts Families to Error-Ridden Form

No Special Ed Services for You

District Backs Away from Wrongful Probation Order

District Fumbles Paperwork, Charges Mom with “Habitual Truancy”

Everyone Agrees: Why Go After Grandma?

School Board Threatens Family over Birth Certificate Demand

WV Trying to “Recapture” Homeschoolers’ Money Through Virtual Public Schools

CA Dept of Health Stops Discriminating Against Homeschoolers

Officials Reject This Evaluator’s 25 Years’ Experience

Thanks, Google! Homeschool Co-ops Going Hi-Tech

Superintendents Make Up New Rules to Fix Pet Peeves

KY Reaches Out to Homeschoolers

Dear CA Legislators: Thank You For Listening!

She Spent 10 Years Working to Improve the Law. Now She’s Running for Office.

Art School Jeopardizes $50,000 Scholarship

Dear CPS: Compulsory Attendance Starts at 7. This Child is 6.

After 3 Hours of Testimony, Support for Bill Sputters Out

Holistic Evaluation Reveals Child’s True Progress

HSLDA Helps Remove Probation Threat

Committee Hears Bill that Would List Homeschools

When Helpers Hurt: Investigations That Go Too Far

Homeschool Bill Drops Teacher Certification, But …

State Removes Error-riddled Homeschool Webpage at Request of HSLDA, FHE

CPS and Homeschooling Mom Agree: She’s Not a Criminal!

The Freedom to Use Your Own Form, or No Form

Indy PD Announces Long-Awaited Policy Reform

Homeschoolers Cause Legislator to Back Down, But There’s More Work to Do

Governor Justice Signs Off on More Freedom for Homeschoolers

Governor Daugaard Punts, Senators Fumble in Overtime

Is Homeschooling Safe? New Bill Would Investigate.

School Wants to Review Homeschool Student’s Curriculum Before She Can Swim

Dear Feds: Stop Discriminating Against Homeschooled Teens

Homeschoolers Send Home Visitation Bill Packing

What It Takes to Free a Child from District 75

Why Does California Want Fire Inspections for Homeschools?

Homeschooling Momís Tire Slashed at State Capitol

State Legislature Couldnít Ignore Hundreds of Motivated Homeschoolers

Son’s Illness Lands Mom in Court

Turned in by Grandpa … for Homeschooling?!

Hundreds Rally at State House for Homeschool Freedom

College Senior Questioned Over High School Diploma

Reform Delivers Fairness to Aspiring Police Officers

Special Invitation for Homeschool Families: Don’t Miss the 2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival

Judge Tells Mom, “You Can’t Homeschool”

Top Lawmakers Push for Fair Treatment of Homeschoolers

HSLDA’s Grand Jury Simulation a Hit with Public High Schoolers

Bill Would Turn Clock Back, Add Wasteful Red Tape

Help an ECOT Family Stay on the Homeschool Path

Our Advocacy Goals for This Year

HSLDA, Governor’s Office Save This Homeschooler’s Job

What the New Tax Reform Law Means for Homeschooling Families

January 10 Hearing for New Homeschool Rule

U.S. Department of Education Agrees: Homeschoolers Are Eligible for Student Aid

UN Treaty Dangers are Real: A Response to Sen. Rockefeller

UN Treaty Update: Visit Senators at Home to Ensure Victory!

UN Treaty Moves to Senate Floor—Keep Calling!