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 Top Stories (2016 Archive)

CPS Pays $700,000 to Homeschool Mom
It took 50 days of hard work for us to get Vanessa Wilson’s children back. It took a federal civil rights suit to get her a well-deserved settlement.

More Top Stories (2016 Archive)

When Some Graduates are More Equal Than Others

False Report Leads to Threat of Legal Action

Yes, Virginia, You Can Homeschool Without a Doctor’s Note

Confused Officials Misapply Approval Requirements

Report Card from Parents Nets Auto Insurance Discount

3 Things You Should Know About Trump’s Dept. of Ed. Pick

3 Things You Should Know About Trump’s Dept. of Ed. Pick Trumpís Dept. of Ed. Pick

HSLDA Doesn’t Leave Marine Behind

HSLDA Sues New York City

More Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs

How 720 Homeschooled Teens Swung the Senate

School: You’re Great, But You Were Homeschooled …

School Tries to Deny Legal Homeschooling Option

When Grandma Sues, It’s Personal

“Written Notice is Required” to Homeschool?

Reflections on the Election

Timely Letter Resolves Truancy Case

District Urges Parents to Teach Common Core

Pushy Counselor Silent When HSLDA Pushes Back

District Majors on Families’ Minor Subjects

In Snatched Infant Case, HSLDA Files Appeal

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner in Pennsylvania: Common Questions about Complying with the Law

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner in Pennsylvania: Common Questions about Complying with the Law

U.S. Virgin Islands: Another Step Toward Homeschool Freedom

Student Earns Insurance Discount Without SAT

Homeschool Students Targeted in “Operation Round Up”

Homeschooling Mom Running for State Senate

Use This Form—Except When It’s Wrong

Probation Threatened for Blotting Out Some Scores

Judge Sentences Family for … Late Paperwork?

Superintendent Claims Homeschoolers Have to Register

We Moved to Connecticut—Honest!

County Demands Evaluation for Kindergartner

Study Hard. Double Test Score. Stay On Probation?

HSLDA Attorneys Published in Prominent Journals

School Officials Offer Help—and Misinformation

Secretary King: Homeschoolers Have Limited Options

“I Will Question Parents as I See Fit”

Mom to District: Let My Student Go!

Don’t Use This State as Your Guidance Counselor

Is Congress Pushing Kids into Unwanted Career Paths?

Families Flummoxed by State Rejection

District Makes Sweeping Demand for Details

Tell Me More—Or I’ll See You in Court!

Is Home Invasion a “Gray Area”?

Hand over Your Birth Certificates!

District: Can’t Homeschool Until You Sign with Us

Mom Follows Doctor’s Orders, Loses Custody

Colorado Agency Backs Down

Changes Ahead for Unconstitutional Form?

District Disavows “4 Core Subjects” Statement

Just Do This . . . and This . . . and This . . .

Discrimination Puts Grad’s Scholarship at Risk

11K Signatures Prompt Response from Officials

Non-Statutory Mandates On Way Out

Where Do Third Parties Stand on Home Education?

Public School Just Can’t Let Go

Public School Tries to Enroll Homeschooled Kids

State Makes Demands Outside Lawful Boundaries

Court Action Helps Resolve Association Fracas

2 Years Later, Social Security Pays Out

Federal Camel Kicked Out of Tent

State Forces Parents to Violate Conscience

Superintendent Orders Homeschooler Back to 1st Grade

Department Still Mum on Non-Parent Teachers

Portfolio Reviewer Attacks Child

This Free Education Comes with Strings Attached

Wikileaks: Common Core a “Third Rail” for DNC

You Are On Probation!

Diploma Discrimination Threatens Homeschooler’s Nursing Job

Police Suspicious of College Grad’s Homeschool Diploma

Official Disregards Law, Demands Meeting

Homeschooling not Lawful?

Please Don’t Feed the Badgers

RNC Platform Backs Home Ed: Will DNC Follow Suit?

Heard about Brexit? Is it time to Talk Amexit?

Kent County Refuses to Trust Umbrellas

Where Did My “Good Student” Discount Go?

Congress Debates Expanding Selective Service to Include Women

Legislators Try to Call the Shots On Immunizations

New College Entrance Exam Focuses on Classical Learning

Idaho Leads Revolution in School Flexibility

For The Last Time: They Don’t Need a GED!

Homeschooling Congressman Levels Path to Federal Jobs

College Tells Homeschool Graduate to Get GED

School Threatens to Publicly Shame Homeschooler

What Do HSLDA, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham Have in Common?

How Today’s Homeschoolers are Doing on the SAT

Homeschool Stock Rises on Wall Street

School Drops the Ball, Calls Foul on Mom

Miami-Dade Almost Kills Homeschool Grad’s Bright Future

Federal Government Backs off “Equality with Parents” Claim

Public School Only Approves “Authentic” Homeschools

New Homeschool Law Put to the Test

Happy 18th Birthday: No Check for You!

New Law Requires Non-Discrimination in Tuition at Community Colleges

Graduate Harassed Like It’s 1996

Nebraska Marks California Homeschooler “Absent”—Every Day

Social Worker Prevents Family from Homeschooling

Case Dismissed: Court Throws Out “Reckless” Allegations

No GED, No Job?

Homeschoolers Threatened with Random Audits

University Treats Homeschoolers Worse than Dropouts

Take Government Money—or Else!

Clearing up Confusion over New Homeschool Law

Discrimination Almost Sinks Graduate’s Navy Internship

Why Viborg-Hurley Homeschoolers Can Sleep Soundly Tonight

“You Can’t Homeschool,” District Says

HSLDA to Court: Let Grandma Teach!

Official Tries to Discourage Homeschooling

HSLDA: Parental Rights Violation Merits Full Trial

State Agency Reverses Anti-Homeschool Diploma Policy

Inflexible School Shocked to Learn this Homeschooled Child is Thriving

Adopted Kids Win Equal Treatment

Say “No” to More Government Data Tracking

“Sorry, the State Trashed Your Records. Get a GED.”

School Districts Forcing Troubled Students to Homeschool

“Truancy Court” Case Was about Helping a Real Family

Your Voices Bring Improvements for College-Bound Homeschoolers

Police Jobs Now Open to Homeschooled Applicants

Case Closed: No Re-Investigation Needed

HSLDA Keeps Fighting for Falsely Accused Mom

Judge: Not My Responsibility. HSLDA: Sure Is!

Health, Early Education among Top Issues at 2016 Legislature

County Cuts Homeschoolers’ Options

Judge Must Answer to Supreme Court

School’s Privacy Violation Puts Kids at Risk

HSLDA to Missouri Court of Appeals: Stop Illegal “Truancy Court”

Saved Us a Stamp: Rumor of HSLDA Letter Stops Discrimination

College Grad Needs GED to Join Police?

Shear Discrimination: Why Trade Schools Brush off Homeschool Graduates

Kafka Chowder—Manhattan Style

John King Squeaks Through On Tepid 49–40 Confirmation Vote

School Breaks the Rules, Kids Get the Blame

What Can Blue Do for You? Police now Delivering Mail, Apparently

Defending the Rights of Dual-Enrolled Students

CPS Loses Caseworker, Insists On Do-Over

Calling Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to USA X-STEM Symposium

Disarming Discriminatory Policies

Biased Caseworkers Trigger Intrusive Investigations

KSHB-TV Should Stick to Facts, not Speculations

2nd Grade Testing Abolished

Good Enough to Die, but Not Good Enough for DeVry?

Federal Government Tells Parents: “We Are Your Equals”

Freedom Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

District Loses Papers, Threatens Kids with Public School

Your Son is Sick? See You in Court!

Army National Guard Accepts Homeschool Graduate

Graduates Wrongly Shut Out of College

Protect Your Right to Keep Kids Home during Portfolio Review

Grandmother Hauled into Court

Parents Face Jail Time for Missing Deadline

Six Anti-Discrimination Victories Ring in the New Year

Homeschooled Athletes Set Precedent, Make Statement at Championship Event

Police Respect Homeschoolers’ Freedom of Movement

Common Core Textbook Seller Makes Shocking Admission

School District Knocks Unit Study as Insufficient

HSLDA Helps Graduate Take off to Flight School

“We Will Be Required to Pursue Truancy”

Sioux Falls Pulls In Its Horns on Spurious Test Deadline

Victory! IRS Withdraws Troubling Proposed Donor Regulation

Homeschool Mom “Not Guilty”

St. Mary’s County Violates School Exemption Law

Victory against IRS Proposed Regulations on 501(c)(4) Organizations—For Now