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 Top Stories (2015 Archive)

School Apologizes after Bullying Homeschooling Family
After being contacted by HSLDA, a public school official apologized for threatening a homeschool family in order to obtain paperwork not required by law.

More Top Stories (2015 Archive)

HSLDA Responds to New IRS Proposed Regulation

Fighting Discrimination: Homeschool Graduate’s Dream Restored

Forced Reading Screenings Die a Noisy Death

Background Checks for Most Parents?

Case Dismissed When HSLDA Intervenes

U.S.-Irish Partnership Stimulates Homeschool Community

Welding Program Rejects Homeschool Graduate

Hampton No Longer Questioning Children’s Faith

DOE Backs Down

Document Authorizing “Consequences” Against Homeschoolers Removed

Attorney General Agrees with HSLDA on Right to Take Public School Classes

Homeschool Termination Threat Remains

Why Justice Scalia is Wrong about Parental Rights

HSLDA Statement on ESEA Moving Toward Reauthorization in Congress

School Drops Request for Homeschool Student Names

Sheriff Reaches Settlement with Family over Tasering

Homeschools Targeted for Termination

Register Now for the Global Home Education Conference

Is Government Data being Used to Deliver Drug Company Profits?

DOE Says Homeschoolers Must Enroll in Public School

Grayson Superintendent: No Religious Exemption Study Coming

Families Receive Violation Notice for Homeschool Plans

Homeschoolers’ Immunization Information Sought after State Leans on Private Schools

In-State, Out-of-State, and Out of Their Minds

Coverdell ESA Fix Will Treat Homeschoolers Fairly

Should Parents Who Complain be Tracked?

Homeschool and You Get Assigned a Social Worker

Manufactured “Problem” of a Texas Homeschool Diploma

Department of Education Refuses Private School Registration

State Snoops into Immunization Records

Teen Immigrants Receive Work Permits

“You are Being Reported for Determination of Truancy”

Near-Perfect Score Thrills Parents, Embarrasses District

Retired Marine Greeted with Demands, Disdain

End of a Case, but HSLDA’s Mission Continues

More Regulation Not Needed

Federal Student Tracking Defeated

Issues Keep Changing, but HSLDA’s Defense Stays Solid

School Officials Demand to Review Curriculum Content

Yikes! Is that Online?

Public School Wants Homeschool Transcripts

Officer Gives Family Intrusive Questionnaire

Homeschool Graduate Denied Admission to Tech School

Big Bad Wolf goes to Supreme Court

Massachusetts Groups Move to Put Common Core on the Ballot

Eligibility for Sports Marginally Improved

“Your Child Has Been Referred For Truancy”

Bloody Battle Ends in Victory

4th Graders Now Have Free Access to National Parks

Kindergarten Mandated for Homeschoolers

How HSLDA Helped this Mom Transition to a Doctor She Trusts

Right to Take a Public School Class May Hang in the Balance

Cosmetology School Drops Request for Homeschool “Registration”

Attendance Officer Demands Receipts for Curriculum Purchase

School Officials Threaten to Visit Homes

School Cuts Off Route to Scholarships

“Admission Form” Required to Begin Homeschooling

Homeschool Graduate Almost Shut out of College

Mistaken Paperwork Demand Lifted from Tutor

Another State Ditches Common Core Test

Art School Reverses Policy, Welcomes Talented Homeschooler

Cosmetology School Applicant Makes the Cut

Unauthorized Regulation of Private Tutors

The Electrician, the Nurse, and Two Homeschool Diplomas

District Seeks Approval Authority

Graveyard for Dreams No More

Homeschool Grad Accepted into Nursing School after HSLDA Intervenes

School Districts Prevent Parents from Performing Annual Assessment

Welding School Admits Homeschool Graduate

Homeschoolers Can Skip the ISTEP

Religious Exemptions from Immunizations Tightened

3 Amendments that Mattered

Immunization Exemption Bill Fails

Alachua County Continues to Request Additional Information

Child Support: Which State Law Rules?

LEA Declares Homeschool “Inactive”

Tell Your Senator that Expanded Federal Pre-Kindergarten is Not the Answer!

Wage Discrimination Ends When HSLDA Intervenes

School Districts Demanding Standardized Test Scores

ESEA Reauthorization 2015: The Nuts and Bolts for Homeschoolers

Why Does Diane Ravitch Think Homeschoolers Shouldn’t Serve Others?

Half-Baked Truancy Charges Dismissed in Court

Threatened Adoption Subsidy Continues after HSLDA Intervenes

Legislature Passes “Individual Education Act”

Kasich Signs Diploma Fairness Bill for Homeschoolers

Vaccinations—Personal Exemption Stricken

Branson Stops Pressuring Homeschoolers to File Declaration

In CPS-Threatens-to-Take-Kids Case, HSLDA Appeals to the Supreme Court

Arlington Letter 7 Years behind the Times

Deadline for Homeschool Report Changed

School District Concedes Unwarranted Homeschool Form is Optional

Member Family Helps Change Insurance Company Policy

State Board Goes After Homeschoolers

School Districts Continue to Demand Portfolio Reviews

BOCES Agrees to Give Full Credit to High School Student

CPS Questions Math Course

Attorney’s Action May Help Curb Information Overreach

Pharmacy Board Grants License to Homeschool Graduate

Compulsory Attendance Bill Squeaks by State Legislature

Common Core Standards to be Replaced

End Discrimination against Homeschool Graduates

Public School Sports for Homeschoolers?

Governor Vetoes Compulsory School Age Increase

Big Co-op Growing Pains

Homeschool Law Changed

Department of Education Revises Homeschool Diploma

Concerned about Head Start and Federal Early Education Programs? Let Congress Know!

Homeschoolers Included in Dual Credit Courses

Homeschooled Student Accepted for Dual Enrollment Courses

Law Removes State from Common Core Testing Consortium

Why SF 345 Will Help Bullies and Hurt Their Victims

Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill

Call Congress Now to Voice Your Support for Homeschoolers Around the World!

Common Core: Parents Opt Out, Government Steps In

Homeschool Teams to Play Interscholastic Sports

School Acknowledges Homeschool Graduate Doesn’t Need GED

H.R. 5: What Parents Need to Know about the Student Success Act of 2015

School District Excludes Qualified Evaluator

Social Security Restores Benefits to Two Homeschooling Families

Homeschool Access to Low-Cost College Firmly Established

Governor Signs Parental Rights Bill

HSLDA Defends Family against Truancy Charges

Homeschool Testing Law Repealed

Vote-a-rama 2015: Two Wins for Homeschoolers in this Year’s Federal Budget Battle

HSLDA Defeats Demand for Involuntary Educational Evaluations

Truant Officer Seeks Information

New Law Adds SAT, ACT, PSAT to Test Options

Appeals court lets Arizona social workers off the hook

Access to Law Enforcement Training Improving

House Judiciary Committee Approves Homeschool Asylum Bill!

College Relents, Reinstates Homeschool Graduate

House Judiciary Committee to Vote on Homeschool Asylum Bill this Wednesday!

Need Special Accommodation for the SAT? Start Early

School District Wants “Transportation Registration Form”

Update on Homeschool Asylum Bill

Barrier to AP Tests Removed

“A” Student Booted by College Because He was Homeschooled

Calling Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to USA X-STEM Symposium

Attorney General Agrees With HSLDA

H.R. 1153 Offers Asylum for Homeschoolers

Compulsory Attendance Age Rises to 17 This Summer, then 18

School District Seeks Homeschool Records

Family Receives Visit from Attendance Officer

New Date for Submittal of Annual Notice of Intent

Department of Education Creates Unauthorized Diploma

Public Education from Birth to Four?

Oppressive Homeschool Law Proposed

Good Bills Moving Forward

Hernando County Makes Portfolio Request

HSLDA Says No to Proposed Federal Teacher Training Regulations

Homeschoolers Dodge State Civics Test

HSLDA Urges Court to Find Officer’s Home Entry Illegal

OCHEC Capitol Day Features Ben Carson

Giving Choice a Voice: A Rally for Educational Opportunity

Why HSLDA Opposes a Bill Filed by a Homeschool Dad

Federal Citizenship Test for Homeschoolers?

Homeschooler Denied Cosmetology School Admission

Help Us Stop Federal Support for the Common Core

School District Says Child Too Old to Homeschool

14-Year-olds No Longer Subject to Religious Questioning in Goochland

School District Rejects Homeschool Objectives

Homeschooled 12-Year-Old Pursues Electrical Engineering Degree

State Board Says Homeschool Diploma Insufficient