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 Top Stories (2014 Archive)

Improved Homeschool Law Moots Newborn Case
A dispute over whether Pennsylvania’s homeschool law violated a family’s religious rights was labeled moot after the law changed earlier this year.

More Top Stories (2014 Archive)

Call Governor—Parents Can Educate their Children

HSLDA Argues before the Ninth Circuit

State Testing Options for Homeschoolers

The Common Core and Virtual Public Education

Medical Kidnappings Must Stop!

Judge’s Anti-Homeschool Bias “Suspect” and “Unsupported”

Power Grab—State Superintendent to be Made “Head” of Every Homeschool

Defending Homeschoolers in Court

Official Relents, Accepts Siblings’ High Test Scores

Injured Toe Results in Homeschool Investigation

Burst Pipes and Other Homeschool Blessings

Attacking Homeschooling is Attacking Choice

Anti-Privacy Law Enacted

“Homeschoolers Don’t Work as Hard”

17-Year-Old-Graduate Exempt from Attendance Laws

Social Worker Wants to Assess Mom’s Teaching

Diploma Questioned for Second-Generation Homeschooling

State Department Accepts Homeschool Diploma after HSLDA Intervenes

Author of Bad Homeschool Bill Loses Senate Seat

HSLDA Puts Police on the Street

Superintendent Wants Quarterly Meetings

Tax Credit Approved with HSLDA Help

Homeschool Law Significantly Improved

School Goes Silent on DPI Form Issue

Prove to Us Where You Live

Superintendent Requires Oral Exams

Lisbon Demands Homeschoolers Take SAT

Public School Wants Homeschoolers Back

CPS Gets Education on Homeschool Law

“You Need to Invite Me into Your Home”

Superintendent Refuses Public School Withdrawal

Westfield to Formally Drop Common Core Demands

Leave Truancy Policy Alone

Superintendent Disapproves Homeschooling

HSLDA Briefs Indianapolis Police Taskforce on Homeschooling

Surprise Veto Defeats Mandatory Kindergarten

Commission Recommends Homeschool Restrictions

Lee County Apologizes for Misleading Mailings Regarding Annual Assessment

Blink: HSLDA Solves Problems Quick

Westfield Demands Homeschooler Follow Common Core

Homeschool Families to U.S. Senate: Defeat UN Treaty!

Mike Farris Goes to Washington for Parental Rights

Feds’ Denial of Oklahoma’s NCLB Waiver Request is Politically Motivated

School District Wants New Homeschooler Info

Fauquier County Seeks Names of Tutored Children

Pocatello-Chubbuck Okays 1-Class Dual Enrollment

Homeschoolers Threatened with Truancy Charges

Police Commission Discriminates against Homeschool Graduates

Will You Stand for Homeschool Freedom against the United Nations?

Five Years Late, Veterans Administration Pays $3,000

Homeschool Family Referred to District Attorney

Newark Schools Threaten Family with Prosecution

York Retracts Probation Demand

Superintendent Demands Monthly Meetings

A Line in the Sand

Juvenile Officer Requests Meeting

College Improves Admissions Process

Navy Takes Homeschool Grad After HSLDA Intervenes

Social Workers Snatch Sick Kids

Resources from HSLDA about UN Disabilities Treaty

Department of Education Mandates Electronic Form

Take Action Against UN Disabilities Treaty during August Recess!

School Census Exceeds Legal Limits

Bogus Neglect Charge Overturned on Appeal

Aspiring Teacher Told to Get GED

Happy Homeschool Mom Hears “Not a Peep from the School Board!”

Discrimination Issue Solved in Favor of Homeschool Family

Common Core State Standards Rejected

Foreign Relations Committee Approves UN Disabilities Treaty

Senate Defeats Anti-Religious Liberty Bill

Federal Student Financial Aid Issue Resolved

Senate Committee to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty

Senate Bill Targets Religious Freedom Act—Call Now!

Homeschool Prodigy Gets “Running Start” at Clark College

Free Driver Education Continues

Special Education Scholarships Changed

Parent-Instructed Driver’s Education Remains Unapproved

Letter Written to FHSAA for Hardship Waiver

Religious Freedom Act Key to Hobby Lobby Ruling

Island Homeschoolers Face Transportation Discrimination

Portfolio Review Requested in Hernando County

Parental Rights Amendment Returns to U.S. Senate

Supreme Court Rules on School Attendance Law

Legislative Session Includes Changes to School Age Law

Parental Rights Bill Passes

Baltimore Daytime Curfew Threatens Freedom

Thanks to You, Ninth State Rejects Common Core

Bad News: UN Disabilities Treaty Has Returned—Stronger than Ever

Update on Proposed Constitutional Amendment that Threatens Free Speech

Your Phone Calls Did It! Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Ending Common Core!

Legislature Reverses Favorable Law Change

Victory against IRS Proposed Regulations on 501(c)(4) Organizations—For Now

HSLDA Opposes Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Limit Free Speech

Homeschoolers Included in New Scholarships

Study of Gems gets Green Light after HSLDA Letter

Favorable Change To Compulsory Attendance Law

Superintendent Scoffs at Teacher Review as “Unreliable”

Call U.S. Senate to Stop Federal Pre-K, Home Visitation

MTA Elects Anti-Common Core President as Opposition Increases

Montgomery College Removes Financial Aid Roadblock

New England Conservatory Drops GED Demand after HSLDA Intervenes

Bowdoin Application More Homeschool-Friendly after HSLDA Intervenes

Beauty School: “We Cannot Accept Your High School Diploma”

HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Improves

Stop Common Core in Massachusetts? Yes We Can!

Homeschoolers Need Not Apply

Part-Time Enrollment Policies

The United Nations: Attacking Catholics, Families, and the Bible

Major Victory for Student Safety and Privacy

HSLDA to Social Worker: You Don’t Have Jurisdiction

Legislature Passes Romeike Resolution

“Common Core” Encourages Proliferation of Nationalized Education Standards

Family Fights for Sick Homeschooled Child

Religious Freedom Bill Passes—With Drama

“Home School Student” Redefined for HOPE Scholarship

New Law Recognizes Home Instruction

Get a GED or Get Out!

Labor Laws Become Homeschool-Friendly

Armed Forces Finally Accept Homeschool Enlistees on Equal Terms

Attorney General Addresses Open Enrollment

Common Core: An International Failure

Attorney General Dismisses Case against Homeschooler

Peace in Pittsylvania

HSLDA’s Jim Mason Testifies before Congress against Proposed IRS Regulations

Gasconade Apologizes for Notice Gaffe

Teachers Other Than Parents for Homeschooled Students

HSLDA to Testify against Proposed IRS Free Speech Infringement

Bill Would Change Access to Public School Classes

False Reports of Child Abuse Now Illegal

HSLDA to U.S. Department of Education: Leave Homeschoolers Alone!

Common Core Opponents tell Legislature that Children are Not Common, Not Cars

Congress to Education Establishment: Time to End the Common Core

Court Rejects Legislature’s Superintendent “Shell” Game

Invoking Religious Freedom Leads to Truancy Charge

School District Invents Evaluation Form

School District Demands Use of “Official” Form

GED Replaced in Some States

Boycotting Tests Is Helping Stop the Common Core

School District Says Certified Teacher Must Evaluate Homeschool

School District Operating Under Old Law

IRS Attempts to Muzzle Organizations from Talking About Politics

Superintendent Says Homeschoolers Must Show Equivalent Instruction

Bills Would Change Access to Public School Classes

Major Victory for Homeschool Military Enlistees

Homeschool Affidavits: Health and Medical Services/Immunization Requirements