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 Top Stories (2013 Archive)

Homeschool Freedom under Fire in Québec
December 23, 2013: A case involving a Catholic high school in Montreal threatens homeschooling freedom in the entire country.

More Top Stories (2013 Archive)

Bedford County Drops Report Card Demand

Worst-Ever Homeschool Law Proposed in Ohio

Cradle to Grave—The D.C. Solution

Common Core on the Ropes

New Study Argues Race to the Top Pushing States to the Middle

Calling Homeschool Young Scientists: Special Invitation to USA STEM Festival

Prince William County Seeks Scope and Sequence, Additional Form

Production and Recording School Admits Homeschool Grad after HSLDA Letter

A Few For-Profit Colleges and Cosmetology Schools Demand GED

College Admission Problem Resolved

Homeschooler’s Scholarship Eligibility Challenged

Huntington Wants Registration and Residency

Positive Change to Immunization Waiver Form

Child Services Closes Case

Family Harassed over Delayed Test Results

Effingham Exempts Homeschoolers from Unreasonable Truancy Ordinance

Student Removed from Probation

College Financial Aid Problem Resolved

HSLDA Removes Football Obstacle

News Flash to Florida Court: Homeschoolers Are Socialized!

HPV Immunization without Consent

County Invents Requirements

School District Rejects Notarized Affidavit

UK Mother Loses Right to Homeschool Disabled Son

Cosmetology School Opens Door to Homeschool Grad

AMVETS Pulls Support for UN Treaty on Disabled

Court Delay Threatens Family’s Right to Homeschool

Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Romeikes

Senate Committee Considers UN Disabilities Treaty, House says “No!”

Common Core Testing Affects Homeschoolers this Year

School District Backs down from Unlawful Policy

Mike Farris Testifies against UN Disabilities Treaty: Please Call Your Senators

Rice Lake Withdraws Request for Private Information

SARB Meets Its Match in Homeschool Mom

Houston County Says Homeschoolers Should Register

School District Refuses to Return Portfolio Because No Science Taught

Yellowstone County Seeks Unauthorized Information

Prince William Seeks Birth Dates

Update from the Front: Where is the UN Disabilities Treaty?

Nebraska Homeschoolers Speak out against Rule Changes

HSLDA Amicus: Don’t Misinterpret Pennsylvania’s Compulsory School Attendance Statute

Great Job—Now Take the GED! College Tells Homeschooler

Homeschoolers not “Excused” without Postage

Homeschooling Too Effective?

School Drops Science Test Requirement After HSLDA Intervenes

Waunakee School District Seeks Unauthorized Private Information

Technology Survey: Not Sponsored by HSLDA

Bill Would Open Public School Sports to Homeschoolers—The Big 12

Wicomico Oversteps Boundaries

Wunderlich Children Returned on Condition of School Attendance

HSLDA Prevails in Two Court Cases

Avoid West Plains Withdrawal Form

The Dawning Database: Does the Common Core Lead to National Data Collection?

Fort Dodge Pushes Form for Homeschool Option that Requires No Filing

U.S. Department of Education: Homeschooling Continues to Grow!

Probation Withdrawn after HSLDA Intervenes

Hearing Screen Not Mandatory, as Implied

A Tale of Two Homeschoolers: Of Deadlines and Deficiencies

Mistake Escalates to Court Hearing

Driver’s Ed Tax Credit

Iowa City Schools Ask IPI Families to File Form A

Revolutionary Improvement IV: The Five Homeschool Options Compared

Join HSLDA at Notre Dame for Common Core Seminar

Will Health Care Reform Mean Government Bureaucrats Can Invade My Home?

Subjects for Recognized Private Schools and Home Instruction Students and the “Guidelines”

White House Response to Romeike Petition: No Comment

Tell Your Senators that President Obama is Wrong

Helping Homeschoolers Before, During and After

UN Treaty Turning Scotland into Nanny State

Contact Your Senators on Recess about UN Disabilities Treaty

Tax Credit Repealed, Scholarship Created for Children with Disabilities

Testing for Utah Homeschool Student Nixed

Washington Post Gets it Wrong on Freedom, Homeschooling

Ohio Homeschoolers Granted Equal Access to Extra Curricular and PSEO Funding

Record Number of Legislative Bills Tracked

Better Access to Public School Activities Passes

New College Class Access Law Takes Effect

Unwarranted Home Inspection Prevented

Senator Explains Why We Must Reject the UN Disabilities Treaty

Standing With the Romeike Family

Sixth Circuit Denies Romeike Rehearing, HSLDA Promises to go to Supreme Court

Philadelphia Wants Portfolios Before Homeschooling Begins

HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Changed for Homeschoolers

Substantial Challenge to Ohio Freedom to Homeschool

HSLDA Letter Helps Solve Tax Issue

Revolutionary Improvement III: New “Private Instruction” Homeschool Option

Access to College Classes Goes to Governor’s Desk

Religious Exemption Homeschoolers Given Green Light to Teach Driver’s Ed

Library Fixes Discriminatory Policy

“Let Me in or I’ll Take Your Kids”

The Sumner County Grinch Wants to Steal Homeschool Freedom

Technical Fix to Homeschool Access Law Coming

Judge: Homeschoolers Eligible for Tax Credit Scholarships, Not Religious Schools

Justice Department Ordered to Respond to Romeike Appeal

Your Calls Worked! House of Representatives Votes to Protect Homeschool Military Enlistees

Bowdoin College Drops Request for “Recognized” Homeschool Diplomas

Sixth Circuit Orders Justice Department to Respond to Romeike Rehearing

Calls Needed to Congress to Ensure Equal Treatment for Homeschool Military Enlistees

Thackers Win in Nebraska Supreme Court

“Home School” Redefined

Can Parents be Trusted?

Members of Congress Support Romeikes in Letter to Holder

Revolutionary Improvement II: Driver’s Education Blossoms

Revolutionary Improvement I: IPI Arrives July 1

Date Set for UN Disabilities Treaty Hearings

West Cape May Wants to Review Homeschool Books

Ask Your U.S. Representative to Sign Letter Opposing UN CRPD

Free Year-End Testing Assured by New Law

Homeschool Law Significantly Improved

Homeschoolers Allowed to Participate in Interscholastic Activities

Court Victory for Homeschool Mom

Sports Eligibility Bill Passed

School’s Reluctance Nearly Costs Teen a Job

Homeschoolers Now Eligible for State Scholarships

Congress Tackles the Common Core National Standards and Databases

Charges Dropped, Case Dismissed After HSLDA Intervenes

UN Disabilities Treaty on the Move

New Changes to Military Enlistment for Homeschool Graduates

Hot Springs Corrects Errors in Testing Letter

Sheriff’s Training Academy Opens Door to Homeschooler

Court Packed with Romeike Supporters

HSLDA Pries Portfolio Loose from School District

Desperate Homeschooling Parents Plead for Help—Hope Court Will Hear Case

Obama Proposes Universal Preschool for 4-year-olds

Playing Field Leveled For Scholarship Program

Legislature Frees Some Homeschoolers from State Testing

HSLDA Files Amicus Brief in Homeschool Scholarship Case

Do Our Kids Belong to Us—or to the Community?

National Databases: Collecting Student-Specific Data is Unnecessary and Orwellian

Your Calls Help Protect Parental Rights

School to Homeschool Family: Obtain Approval or Accreditation or Else!

Homeschoolers Help Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew

Learning Disabilities Trigger Truancy Summons

Discrimination against Homeschooling Senior Prevented

Scholarship Opportunity: Right to Life Oratory Contest

Preparing for the Nebraska Supreme Court

Homeschool Parents Removed from Neglect Registry

Appeal Versus Social Workers Faces Uphill Battle

Do Superintendents Get Lonely?

German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom

No GED—No Graduation?

Bill Threatens Homeschool Freedom

Social Worker Says “I’ll be Back!” Attorney Says “Make My Day”

Farris to Supreme Court: Protect Marriage and Religious Freedom

The Case that Never Ends—Finally Does

National Survey on Drug Use and Health—Have You been Contacted?

HSLDA Defends Homeschooling Family in Supreme Court

U.S. Department of Transportation Seeks Public Comments on “Black Boxes” in all New Autos

Homeschooling Mother Vindicated in Court

HSLDA Clears Obstacle to Rodeo Participation

HSLDA Rebuffs Demand for Meeting and Records

Sioux Falls Invents Deadline for Assessments, Threatens Violators