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 Top Stories (2012 Archive)

U.S. Senate Adjourns for the Year—No UN Disabilities Treaty!
We can all rejoice in another year where the U.S. has not surrendered sovereignty to the United Nations, and where American law, not UN standards, still govern the protection and dignity of persons with disabilities.

More Top Stories (2012 Archive)

Salem Stops Hassling Family over Kindergarten Exemption

Platteville Apologizes for Truancy Threat

HSF Ambassadors around the Nation

Warrant? I Don’t Need no Stinking Warrant!

Common Core State Standards Initiative: Too Close to a National Curriculum

What’s the Race of Your Kids?

File “Application” to Homeschool or We’ll Prosecute You

Another Homeschool Victory Appealed by Government

Family Execution—Swedish Style

HSLDA’s Co-Laborer of Year Recipient

Send Thank-You Notes to Senators on the “Nice” List

Back on Track in West Warwick

Homeschool Graduate Elected to State Board of Education

Senate Rejects Ratification of UN Disabilities Treaty

School Official Demands “Home School License”

Sports Access Legislation Coming

Senate to Vote on UN Disabilities Treaty on Tuesday—Call Now!

DPI Reverses Open Enrollment Position

Vote on United Nations Disability Treaty Imminent: Calls Needed!

“Come Peacefully Now or by Force Later”

Truancy Proceedings Dropped

Homeschool Humor

Family-Friendly Psychologists Needed

Johansson Family Back in Court

Capitol Day Event Puts Face on Homeschool Movement

Urge Your Senators to Stand against UN Disabilities Treaty

Consultation with HSLDA Prevents Court Hearing

How Homeschooling Blesses Parents

Homeschool Movement Ignored by Parliament

Miscommunication Leads Homeschooling Family to Court

College Confiscates Aid to Homeschooled Student

Global Conference Issues Call for Homeschool Freedom

Farewell to Homeschool Author and Blogger Barbara Curtis

Looking out for the Least of These

HSLDA Helps Family Close Abuse Investigation

Librarian Rebuffs Parent to “Protect” Privacy … of 9-Year-Old

Family Encounters “Multiple Occupancy Registration”

Michael Farris: Be Part of the Solution … Vote!

Former German Minister: Homeschooling a “Healthy” Response to State School Monopoly

Paul Ryan: Keep Homeschooling Free!

Truancy Charges Dismissed!

Abuse Remains Norm Despite Major Court Victory

HSLDA’s Top Three Involve State v. Parents

Washington County Concedes Notice of Consent Due Only Once

Austen-Dooley Hires Homeschool Graduate After HSLDA Intervenes

HSF Ambassador Program Keeps Growing

University of Kansas Hospital Offers Job After HSLDA Intervenes

Mathews County Gives PSAT to Homeschooler After HSLDA Calls

School Drops Demand That Child Enroll Part-Time To Receive Speech Therapy

Principal Drops Request to Approve Family’s Curriculum

Platteville Acknowledges PI-1206 Not Due Until October 15

Judge: Homeschooling “Damages” Kids

Parents’ Homeschool Rights Affirmed

Senate Adjourns Without Voting on UN Treaty—Victory for Now!

Social Workers off the Hook: Wisdom and Prayer Needed

School Registration Bill Worries Welsh Families

Creative Ways to Give to the Home School Foundation

Child Welfare Legislation Outlaws Spanking

Urgent Calls Needed Today To Oppose UN Disabilities Treaty!

Shelby County Creates Private Tutor Requirements

We Share Your Concern

Appeals Judge Overturns Parents’ Truancy Convictions

State Board of Education Leaves Homeschool Regulation off Its Agenda

Close Call For Single Mom

DeSoto County Adds Unauthorized Form For Homeschoolers

Defending the Religious Exemption

Social Security Finally Agrees: Accreditation Not a Requirement for Montana Homeschools

Victims of “Brutal System” Look to Global Support

Centra Health Acknowledges Homeschool Diploma

Education Establishment Still Doesn’t Get It!

Home School Foundation—The Charitable Arm of HSLDA and Workplace Giving

Pentagon Changes Homeschool Enlistment but HSLDA Isn’t Ready to Salute

Homeschoolers Pack School Committee Meeting

Victory for Homeschool Student’s Medicaid Appeal

Update: “Diversity” Education for Homeschoolers

Family’s Homeschool Rights Defended

Homeschool Family Summoned to Police Station

Bank Drops GED Demand After HSLDA Intervenes

Loudoun County Drops Required Subjects for Homeschoolers

Prosecutor Agrees “No Educational Neglect Transpiring”

Middlesex County College Drops ATB Demand

Candidate for State Senate Apologizes for Homeschool Jab

Harford Makes Several Changes at HSLDA’s Request

False Truancy Charges Dismissed

Missouri Western Grants Early Admission after HSLDA Intervenes

Hospital, Social Worker Seek to Dismiss Lawsuit

Child Support Payments Reinstated

Religious Exemption Approved, Lawsuit Averted

UN Treaty Markup Delayed—Keep Calling!

Romney Adds Voice in Parental Rights Battle

Student’s Right to Free College Courses Defended

Santorum Joins Fight against UN Treaty—Call Now!

Officials Cease Prosecution

HSLDA Defends Homeschooler against Daytime Curfew Ticket

Senator Kerry: We’ll Pass the CRPD by July 26

Idaho State University Drops GED Demand

HSLDA Back in Court to Defend Stielers’ Parental Rights

How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

Leave Sweden to Find Freedom

Officials Overstep Their Bounds, Families Threatened in France, Austria

Urgent Calls Needed: Senate Committee to hold Hearing on Dangerous UN Treaty

Leadership Requires Wisdom, Perseverance

“Please Make Every Effort to Bring Your Children”

HSLDA Letter Helps Turn Around Adoption Subsidy Denial

School District’s Outreach to Homeschoolers—A Trojan Horse

Senate Bill Outlaws Spanking

Prince George County Demands Subtest Scores

Richmond Demands Student Take Easier Test

Homeschooling Family Targeted by Truant Officer

Interscholastic Activities Opened to Homeschoolers

New Law Allows Participation in Interscholastic Activities

Parents of Boy Seized by State Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling

Checking the Background Checker or Diplomacy over Diplomas

School Says No to Homeschooling of Special Needs Child

Probation Threat Withdrawn After HSLDA Intervenes

Words of Wisdom from Teenagers? Generation Joshua Summer Campers Speak Out

Virtual Charter School: “School at Home” not Necessarily Homeschooling

Graduation a Time To Celebrate Achievement, Good Character

Misplaced Reports Lead to Court

Upset Neighbors Cause Problems for Homeschooling Family

Officer to Mom: “I’m Taking Your Children Into Custody Now”

New UN Convention Attacking Parental Rights

HSLDA Letter Published in Argus Leader

New Law Cures “Curriculum Description” Headache

Prosecutor Drops Charges against Homeschool Dad

Homeschool Parents’ Conviction Appealed

Compulsory Attendance Age Lowered

How to Avoid the Worst Kind of Socialization

Former HSLDA Intern Helps Solve Georgia Truancy Case

Papal Delegation Says Homeschoolers Must be Free

Mike Farris Defends Parental Rights on Fox News

Legislature Improves Homeschool Law

HSLDA Responds to SARB Hearing

Update in the Battle for Religious Freedom and Conscience Rights

New Rule Ends College Admission Controversy

Homeschooling Mother’s Name Removed from Registry

Hamblen County Misapplies Testing Requirement

Senate Steers Clear of Freedom

Attorney General: “I am not Lobbying for Change!”

Homeschooling, Technology, and a Threatened Arrest Warrant—HSLDA to the Rescue

Tuscaloosa County Addresses Issue of “Local” Church

Animal Abuse Allegations Lead Family to HSLDA

Mom’s Right, Company Listens to HSLDA

Calling all Graduate Students and Seminarians for an All-Expense Paid Week in DC!

Paper: Death By Homeschooling

Breaking New Ground in Social Security Benefits

Judge Sides with HSLDA, Dismisses Truancy Charges

Official Threatens Homeschooler with Truancy

Chesapeake: “Back of the Line for PSAT!”

Victory in Canada: Restrictive Education Bill Defeated

Act Now as President Obama Opens Public Comments on Conscience Rights

Newborn Seized in Hospital by Police, Social Worker

Loudermilk Update: Supreme Court Decided, Thank You for Your Prayers

Restrictive Vote Delayed as Protest Delivers Warning

Schools Give Wrong Advice on Testing

Supreme Court to Decide to Hear Loudermilk Case on Friday

Threat to Adoption Subsidy Doused

Continue to Pray for Alberta Homeschoolers!

DHS Appeals Stieler Medical Decision-Making Case!

Pray Supreme Court Accepts Case

Help Stop Law Requiring Homeschoolers to Teach “Tolerance!”

Superintendent Threatens Termination of Homeschooling

TV Series Mocks Christians, Undermines Liberty

NHERI Conducting Study on Achievements of African-American Students

HSLDA Involvement Restores Benefits to Veteran

Does My High School Grad Need a GED for Federal Student Aid?

Proof of Residency Exceeds Law and Reason

School District Drops Charges on Appeal

Canadian Province Imposing “Diversity Training” on Homeschools

Public School at Home Program Recruits Homeschoolers, Leaves Questions Unanswered

Update on Battle to Protect Religious Freedom and Right of Conscience

HSLDA Involvement Produces Quick Results

School District Demands Use of Unauthorized Form

Chance to Compete in Science & Engineering Festival

Most Threatening Homeschool Bill in the Nation

Contact the U.S. Senate: Oppose Judicial Activism

Urgent Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom and Conscience Rights

Call to Action: Email Your Swedish Embassy

HSLDA to Appeal Criminal Conviction for Homeschool Family

Prosecutor Asks for Another Chance in Michigan Medical Decisions Case

Custer: “Is There Anything We Can Do to Get You to Enroll Your Student?”

Update on President Obama’s Attack on Educational Freedom

“Are Homeschoolers Out of Their Minds?”

One Year Closer to Legalized Homeschooling

“Let Me in or I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and … I’ll Take Your Kids!”

Opportunity to Nominate Young Leaders in Louisiana

Help Stop Obama’s Attack on Educational Freedom

Schools Continue to Misrepresent the Law

Truancy Difficulties: One Family’s Ongoing Saga

Obama Administration Disregards Freedom of Religion & Right of Conscience

Life Sentence For Spanking?

School Board Grants Equal Access to Homeschoolers in Granville

Truant Officer Sends 5-Page Questionnaire

A Homeschool Study May Appear in your Mailbox …

Family Challenged

Public School Officials Require Prior Approval to Homeschool

HSLDA Achieves Return of Homeschooling Child to Family

Pocatello-Chubbuck Hoists White Flag on Part-Time Enrollment

Major Victory for Homeschool Graduates Enlisting in the Military

Charleston Registration Bluff

Relative’s “Complaint” Launches State-Level Inquiry

HSLDA Efforts Achieve Cancellation of Truancy Hearing

LEA Adds Testing for Homeschoolers

Arlington Stumbles on Switch from Exemption to Notice of Intent