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 Top Stories (2011 Archive)

Family of State-napped Swedish Child Savors Small Victory
December 20, 2011: The Gotland District Court has ruled against the Swedish social services in their quest to terminate Christer and Annie’s parental rights of Domenic.

More Top Stories (2011 Archive)

Oppose S. 1877, Federal Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Legislation

False Truancy Charges Dismissed with HSLDA’s Intervention

Truancy Charges Threatened in Nashville

Hearing Officer: “Claimant’s Home School Constitutes a Private School”

HSLDA Helps Pell Grant Applicant

Banking on the Next “Generation”—the Future of America

Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges

Litigation Team Influential in Dismissal of Truancy Charges

Who Makes the Really Tough Decisions: Parents? Or Doctors?

County Considers Notice of Intent Inadequate

Personal Data Destroyed at HSLDA’s Request

Public School Standards For Homeschoolers

Coffee County Wants Proof of Enrollment

Harford Goofs on Verification

Trivial Allegations Funding Minnesota Social Work?

“Someone Who Didn’t Know the Law Must Have Answered the Phone”

Carroll County Quickly Corrects “Probation” Error

Calls Needed to Oppose the U.S. Senate’s Big-Government Education Bill

Urbandale to Stop Overcharging for Dual Enrollment

Federal Government Threatens Parental Rights with Early Learning Challenge

School District Misapplies Test Results

School Social Worker Harasses Family

Chariho to Stop Publishing Homeschool Family Names

Difficulty in Maury County

Windsor Insists on Use of its Own Form

Pass on Offer to “Verify” Your Private School

St. Francis Nursing Drops GED Demand

Record Keeping When Filing Paper PI-1206 Forms

Mobile City Council Reverses Itself, Passes Daytime Curfew

Ending Discrimination against Homeschoolers

Comment Period on Conscience Regulations Ends September 30

Proposed Mobile Daytime Curfew Defeated

Fifth Annual CAP Training Day—October 11

Art Institute Accepts Student After HSLDA Letter

Don’t Trust the DPI Website!

Cardus Survey—The Rest of the Story

Extra Time for SAT Granted After HSLDA Letter

Curtain Falls on All Efforts to Raise Compulsory School Age

Freedom at Stake in “Mandatory” Online Filing

Prince George’s County Over-Regulates Homeschoolers: Part II

Birth Date vs. Age on CPI Form

Right to Privacy Protected at Front Door

Fayette County Mandates Online Filings

Protect Your Privacy: Use Only the State Form

Federal Government Tramples Conscience Protections

Principal Asks Governor for More Homeschool “Accountability”

DNPE Softens Impact of New Policy

Monongalia County Superintendent: New State Policy “In The Works”

Portsmouth is “Off” to the Races

Harford County Misfires on Annual Verification

Congress Has an Open Ear this Month

Compulsory School Attendance Age Rises to 18, With Two Exceptions

Springfield Task Force: “Diversity” Education for Homeschoolers

Response to Alarming Recommendations by Miami—Dade County Grand Jury

A New Chapter in Access to Post Secondary Enrollment Option

School Board: Homeschooling Disorganized and Isolationist

Tax Credit for Children with Disabilities

New A.I. Form Squares with Law, Fixes Past Errors

PHC Prep Academy Students Score High on May 2011 AP Exams

Law Affecting Home Education Programs Changed

Parental Rights Legislation Enacted

DNPE Publishes New Policy

HSLDA Wins First Social Security Case in the Virgin Islands

Daytime Curfew Defeated in Carlinville

Homeschool Law Significantly Improved

School Districts Impose Additional Portfolio Review Requirements

Census “Mysteries” Explained

Driver’s Ed Snag Resolved with Waiver

Bad Bill Dies

Williamsburg—James City Demands Birth Date, Grade

District Makes Positive Change After Contact from HSLDA

Right to Reasonably Resist Unlawful Police Entry Struck Down

School District Targets Homeschooled Students for Money

State Superintendent: Homeschoolers Need More Oversight

Homeschool Bill Becomes Law

School District Says Parent Needs License To Homeschool

Three Bad Bills Defeated

27 Bills Tracked During 2011 Legislative Session

Bad Bill Averted

Homeschooling for Sick Children—HSLDA Defends It

National Zoo Offers Classes for Homeschool Students

Judge Orders 3—Year—Old into Day Care for “Socialization”

HSLDA Fights for Homeschooled Military Enlistees

Umbrella Diplomas Problematic for Maryland Law Enforcement Jobs

Who Should Issue the Diploma?


Judge’s Order Seeking Homeschooler Identities Overruled

Cornell University Asks for GED or State—Approved Diploma

German Authorities Threaten Homeschool Family


HSLDA Arrives; Superintendent Does 180

Rockton Relents, Offers Speech Therapy

State Supreme Court Stays Proceedings


School Systems Asks for Assessment from Non—Approved Private School

Family Gets a Visit from the Police

HSLDA Opposing Mississippi Court Order

Certified Teacher to be Investigated

Cherry Creek School District Distributes Inaccurate Homeschool Forms

Stoughton Retreats from Daytime Curfew and “Intermittent Attendance” Threat

Freedom Lost on Path to Recovery

Swift Action by Homeschoolers Defeats Sneak Attack

State Supreme Court Rules Homeschooled Girl to Stay in Public School

Abuse Report Recommends Supervising Homeschoolers

Congress Introduces Legislation to Make American Community Survey Optional

The Power of Activism

U.S. House of Representatives Holds Education Hearing under New Leadership

Planned Parenthood Attacks Parental Rights Amendment

No Picking and Choosing of Services in IEP, Per Commissioner

Custody Dispute to be Decided by the New Hampshire Supreme Court

Mississippi Moves to Protect Children

Confusion Remains Regarding the Legality of Homeschooling

Appellate Briefs Filed in Arizona Illegal—Search Case

U.S. House Votes to Repeal Health Care Law

Help for Homeschool Grads: The College Bound and Job Seeker

Financial Literacy Challenge Opportunity

HSLDA Helps Family Avoid Truancy Charges

School Districts Makes Unfounded Demand for “Accreditation”

The Child Sweeps in Like a Storm!

School Officials Assert Authority They Don’t Have

Immediate Action Requested: Letter—Writing Campaign for the Johansson Family

Homeschooling Family Back in Court for Resentencing

U.S. House to Vote to Repeal Health Care Law