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 Top Stories (2010 Archive)

Charlottesville Seeks Social Security Numbers
HSLDA helped a member family when a public school official requested their children’s Social Security numbers—information which is protected by federal law.

More Top Stories (2010 Archive)

Good News for Homeschoolers in Russia

Urgent Action Needed: Send Cards to Johansson Family in Sweden

German Family to Apply for Political Asylum

District Fights Back, Law Prevails

Activist Urges Residents to Call Police on “Kids not in School”

Rapid City Retracts Denial after HSLDA Intervenes

Bulgarian Homeschoolers Face Resistance

Second Romanian Home School Conference a Success

Spain Holds First National Congress on Homeschooling

Senate Holds Hearing on CEDAW

CEDAW and the International Threat to Homeschool Freedom

Urgent Prayer Needed: German Family Ordered to Court

Genesee ISD Wants Additional Reporting

Scholarship Program Includes Homeschoolers

Portfolio Log Requirements

HSLDA talks and District Listens

Ohio Senate Applauds Homeschooler

First to Allow Homeschool Parents to Issue Work Certificates

Social Worker Refuses to Divulge Allegations

Nordic Neighbors Differ on Key Human Rights Issue

Morongo District Sales Pitch Includes Veiled Threat

Baptist College Drops GED Demand

Colleges Now Required to Determine “Validity” of High School Diplomas

Franklin—Williamson Regional Office Backs Off

Department of Education Seeks to Regulate Higher Education

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family, Disregards Legal System

Superintendent Threatens Family who Refuses to File “Notice of Intent”

Superintendent of Public Instruction Submits Bill Request for 2011 Legislature

Cranston Drops “Family Registration Form” Demand

Headline Mischaracterized Pastor’s Position on Homeschooling

Finnish Homeschoolers Want Partnership, not Confrontation

Response to Proposal to Increase Supervision of Homeschooling

Government’s Claws Dig Deeper in Johansson Case

Homeschoolers Leave Sweden under Pressure and Protest

Radford Acknowledges “Parent” Includes Person In Charge of Child

School Districts Requiring Registration

Legislation Needed in 2011

Public School Demands Exceed State Law

Favorable Opinion from Attorney General

Justice Needed for Homeschooling Families

Homeschooling: Legal in India

Education Bill Would Criminalize Homeschooling

Government Decides When Homeschooling is Okay

Rochelle Park Echoes the Bad Old Days

Advocacy through Legislation: Proactively Preserving Freedom

Homeschooling is Truancy and Educational Neglect?

Charles County Rattles Saber, Promptly Retreats

Östberg’s Comments Moving Sweden Down Dangerous Path

Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment

Escaping the Threat of Jail

County Asks Religiously Exempt Family for Evidence of Ability to Teach

Critical Victory over Child Abuse Reporting Legislation

MATHCOUNTS Reinstates Homeschool Teams for Upcoming Year

Homeschooling Disappears in New Legislation on Education

Homeschoolers Vow to Continue in Face of New Law

HSLDA and MATHCOUNTS Hold Productive Meeting

MATHCOUNTS Agrees to Meet with HSLDA

Opportunity to Speak Out During August Recess

Take Action to Support Swedish Homeschoolers

Family Denied Permission to Homeschool in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Homeschooling Conference Encourages Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Homeschoolers

Official Apologizes for Discrimination over Driver’s License

Update: Over 30 States Adopt National Education Standards

Homeschoolers Denied Permission to Travel

Extra Form Unauthorized

State Corrects Q&A at HSLDA Request

New Study Shows Homeschoolers Succeeding in College

Chicago Correcting “Mandatory Forms” Error

Compulsory Attendance for 5—Year—Olds Starts This Fall

DISCLOSE Act Halted: Victory for Free Speech!

Money Motivates in Missouri

Generation Joshua: Camp Trains Future Leadership of America

Senate To Vote This Week on Supreme Court Nominee

Elena Kagan Confirms Her Support for International Law

Homeschool Families v. Social Security Administration

Homeschool Families’ Homes Raided in Botswana, Africa

New Education Law Makes Homeschooling Illegal

New American: Sweden Bans Homeschooling, Religious Instruction

Will Elena Kagan use International Law as Supreme Court Justice?

Another Congressional Attempt to Muzzle Free Speech

Nationalized Education Standards—an Update for Home Educators

Bill Postponing Homeschoolers’ Jury Duty Enacted

Legislation Affecting Homeschoolers Dies

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family

HSLDA Co—hosts ESEA Briefing

Chance to Compete in Science & Engineering Festival

Lemons in Orange

Get GED or Get Fired

How Social Workers Will Investigate You Now

Children Protected from Interrogations

Medical Insurance Benefits Restored

Professional Voice Goes to California

Snooping Expedition Halted

Superintendent Makes Up Law

Surprising Changes in DMV Policy

Driver Education Requisition Form Changes

Hostile Legislative Climate Earns New Hampshire “Red” Status

Where’s the Evidence Concerning Unschooling?

HSLDA Applauds Financial Capability Challenge Winners

Caution: Public School at Home Programs to Recruit Homeschoolers

Critique of “Unschooling” Misses Point

HSLDA Challenges Absurd Ruling in State Supreme Court

Homeschool Requirements Corrected on Scholarship Form

Homeschool Leaders Go To Washington

Resolution Supports Early Education Programs

Threatening Legislation Dead

Philadelphia Demands More Testing

Bills Affecting Homeschoolers Die

School District Exceeds Authority

Please Reconsider Policies Toward Homeschooling

School Demands English Language Proficiency Test

Contact Swedish Social Services Committee on Behalf of Johansson Family

First Romanian Homeschool Conference Held

Work Permits: A Summary with Related Documents

North Kingstown Corrects “Ambush” Policy

Triennial Census Is Down for the Count

Help Us Help Persecuted Homeschoolers

Threatening Truancy Officer Backs Off after Contact from HSLDA

Truancy Threatened Over “Locator Card”

Judge Upholds Family’s Right to Day in Court

Governor Signs Scholarship Equity Bill, Acknowledges Homeschoolers

Common Core State Standards Initiative: National Education Standards 2.0

Homeschools and Education Savings Accounts

Calls Needed: Government Home Visitations in the Health Care Reform Bill

South Winneshiek Drops ITED Demand

Update on Byrd Scholarship Eligibility for Homeschoolers

Sweden Takes A Hardening Line

“We Are Required to Obtain a Declaration of Homeschooled Students”

Urgent Calls Needed—Health Care Bill May Be Scheduled for Vote

Intermediate School District Seeks Completion of Form

Newell School District Drops Demand for Pre-Approval of Tests

Salem Citizens Defeat Daytime Curfew

First Year of Expanded Freedom Clouded

Homeschoolers Charged with Truancy

School District Reports Homeschoolers for Child Neglect

School District Adds to Private Tutor Requirements

Follow up to “Suspended Homeschool Child”

Homeschool Grad Admitted to Embry—Riddle

Summer Business Institute Grants Homeschooler Equal Opportunity to Apply

North Kingstown’s “Registration” Mandate Slapped Down

Vaccine Equity Bill Speeds toward Enactment

Update: Further Legal Action Being Explored in Johansson Case

Homeschool Symposiums to Be Held in Carson City and Las Vegas

Early Education: Head Start to Nowhere?

Mother Faces False Truancy Charges

Health Care Momentum Slowing

Cumberland County College Threatens Photographer’s Dream


Going on the Offense: HSLDA Sues Florida Athletic Association

Chris Klicka Memoir Moves Closer to Production

Grassroots Activism, National Attention Keys to Lopsided Victory

Huge Victory for Homeschoolers

Child Welfare Law Harasses Homeschoolers

Attendance Officer Threatens New Homeschoolers

Social Services Targets Family with Special Needs Child

Video: American Family Association Interviews HSLDA Attorney Mike Donnelly

Cliffwood Lake: “Now that we are aware of your children’s status…”

Le Mars Daily Sentinel Corrects “Homeschool Tax Credit” Blooper

Compulsory Attendance Age Expanded

Parents Arrested for Failing to Register Their Homeschool

A Response to Robin L. West—The Harms of Homeschooling