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 Top Stories (2009 Archive)

Court Upholds State—Sponsored “Kidnapping” of Homeschooled Boy
As most people count their blessings and prepare to enjoy Christmas with family, many others face serious struggles. Among these is the Swedish family of Annie and Christer Johansson whose only child, 7—year—old Dominic Johansson, was “kidnapped” by Swedish authorities in June of this year.

More Top Stories (2009 Archive)

The Detroit News Wants to Regulate Homeschooling

Centralia Sentinel Refuses to Print HSLDA Rebuttal

Washington Times Op—ed—Socialization not a Problem

East Providence Guarantees “Heads Up” for Policy Changes

Criminal Background Checks Part of Draconian Law Proposed for Homeschoolers

Senate Tied up in Health Care Debate

Judge Fines Homeschoolers, No Jail Sentence

Important Vote Signals Victory for Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschoolers Thrive at the Bees

Prosecutor to Homeschoolers: No Compromise—You’re Going to Jail!

“We’re Saving the Vaccine for Public School Students”

Waukesha Census Form Issue Resolved

Beloit Demands Homeschoolers “Register”

Calls Needed—House of Reps. to Vote on Health Care

H1N1 Flu Resources

Washington Times Op—ed—Lawyer Inspired Peers to Fight On

HSLDA Helps New Homeschoolers Avoid Truancy Charge

HSLDA, Las Vegas Police Help Homeschool Grad Qualify for Employment

School District Seeks to be “Partners” with Homeschoolers

Family Challenged in McMinn County

State Inspects Homeschools by Mail

Controversy over “Attendance” at Church Schools

Attend the Fourth Annual CAP Training Day December 8

KSFY TV’s Teacher Certificate Error

Crandon Seeks Phony Enrollment, Power to Call Doctor for Homeschooled Child

New Work Permit Law Effective January 1, 2010

“Hate Crimes” Included in Troop Funding Legislation

Washington Times Op—ed—Take Advantage of Co—op Options

HSLDA Senior Counsel Klicka Finishes His Race, Receives the Crown of Life

Dept. of Education “Subsequent Year Letter” Blooper

School Asks for Curriculum, Parent Education, Hours of Instruction

Bloomfield Demands Social Security Number, Birth Date

Fairfax Asks for Child’s Birth Date

Continued Opposition to Homeschooling in California

Survey Subcommittee Meeting “Staged” to Support More Regulation

Please Pray for Chris Klicka, Family

Fort Dodge Demands Hearing to Homeschool Special Needs Children

Senate Finance Committee Begins Mark—Up—Calls Needed

Washington Times Op—ed—Programs Suit Needs of Students

Superintendent Rejects Notices of Intent

Sweden—the Next Germany for Homeschoolers?

Change in Certificate of Enrollment Form

Homeschooler Denied Learner’s Permit Documentation

Controversy Over Meaning of “Local”

District Sends Illegal Forms

Health Care Debate Continues

District Demands Illegal Forms

Housing Authority Denies Homeschooling

New 2010 Law: Work Permits for Teens

‘Calling HSLDA? We’ll Call the Police.’

Truancy Threatened for Refusal to Disclose Grade Level

Official Backs off Homeschooled Denial

Washington Times Op—ed—Outstanding Results on National Tests

Students Sought for German—American ePal Program

Homeschoolers Beat National Average on ACT

Response to the Washington Post: Homeschoolers Say No to Mandatory State Testing

Los Angeles Daytime Curfew Citation Dismissed

El Hogar Educador Conference a Great Success

University Cancels Homeschooler’s Acceptance

Volusia County Superintendent Threatens to Terminate Homeschool

At First, Family Denied Health Insurance Coverage

Family Resists Intrusive Request for Personal Information

Congress Goes on August Recess without Voting on Health Care Reform

Homeschooling: Some Tips to Help You Get Started

New Study Confirms Homeschool Academic Achievement

Coral Ridge Hour Features Home Education

German Homeschoolers Seek Asylum in America—Video Translation

Signatures Needed to Oppose Restrictive Homeschool Legislation

Calls Needed to Congress About National Healthcare Bill

Why Government Should Stay out of Early Education

Washington Times Op—ed—Multiplying Time Spent with Kids

CEDAW and Homeschooling Families

Official Plans to Scrutinize Homeschools

SAT of 900, ACT of 19, Set for Scholarship Eligibility

Mom’s Listing on Abuse Registry ‘A Mistake’

English Home Education: Already In Proper Balance

Religious Freedom Bill Becomes Law

Disability Benefits Restored

Mike Farris to Speak at World Congress of Families

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschooling: Under Pressure all over Europe

Tax Credit Bill Stalls

Change in Approved List of Standardized Tests

Homeschool Bill Fails

2009 Legislative Wrap—Up

UN Treaty Jeopardizes Homeschool Freedom in Britain

USA Today Gets Homeschool Story Wrong

School District Attempts to Require More than Law Allows

Lawmakers Urge Germany to Let Parents Homeschool

‘One Bruise Too Many’ Says Pediatrician

Washington Times Op—ed—Patrick Henry College Continues to Excel

Family Threatened with Truancy Charge over Unnecessary Forms

Diploma Bill Enacted

School Districts Require Families to Fill out Unnecessary Forms

College Battle Won Without a Fight

Compulsory Attendance Age Increased

School Attempts to Send Truant Officer to Family’s Home

Washington Times Op—ed—Choice Sought in Driver Training

Parental Rights Amendment to Protect Gun Owners’ Rights

Is Congress Moving Toward Nationalized Standards?

Social Worker gets Involved after Emergency Room Visit

Law Expands Homeschoolers Access to Public School Services

Homeschoolers Included In Student Honors Program

2009 Legislative Summary

Homeschool Bill Introduced

Legislature Improves Homeschool Law

Bad Homeschool Bill Defeated

Social Worker Attempts To Monitor Homeschooling

Victory for Homeschool Freedom Bill

Legislature Closes: The Good Die with the Bad

Homeschoolers Flood Capitol, ‘Change Law’ with Voice Vote!

The Washington Times—Military Policy Allows Enlistment

HSLDA Wins Hearing Defending Family’s Right to Homeschool

Georgia to Germany: Let Parents Homeschool!

Washington Times Op—ed—Withdrawing Kid During Term OK

School District Drops Truancy Charges to Avoid Jury Trial

Volunteer Service Legislation and Homeschool Freedom

HSLDA Helps Homeschooler Obtain State ID Cards

Homeschoolers Win By—Right Admission to State Colleges

When School Districts Get it Wrong

Montgomery County Imposes New 80–20 Rule?

Scholarship Held Up

Forms Request More Than Required

Quarterly Report Challenged

HSLDA Hosts CAP on the Hill Lobby Day

Official Questions Homeschooler During Portfolio Review

District Claims It Can ‘Take Better Care’ of Kids at School

Ogden Confirmed as U.S. Deputy Attorney General

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschooling: Zero to Five Plan Doesn’t Add Up

Full U.S. Senate to Vote on Ogden Nomination—Calls Needed

Mission to Persecuted Christian Homeschoolers in Germany

Official Demands 8th—Grader Submit Complete High School Plan

Committee Votes for Yet Another Study on Homeschooling

Governor to Homeschoolers: ‘I’m proud of you!’

Tight Budgets Translate into Better Laws for Homeschoolers

Homeschooler Among Top Contestants on TV Show

Homeschool Discrimination Fixed in Byrd Scholarship

New Option for Home Instruction

Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Defeated

Compulsory Attendance Age Adjusted

New Satellite School Memorandum Available for HSLDA Members

Principal Sends Truancy Notices to Newly Enrolled Homeschool Student

School District Creates False Evaluation Deadline

School District Resists Parents’ Efforts to Help Special Needs Son

New Homeschool Family Required to Fill out Homeschool Form

Homeschool Group Told to Follow Day Care Regulations

School Threatens to List Homeschooler as a High School Dropout

Families Told to Fill out Forms or Face Truancy Charges

Homeschoolers Get Blamed, Again

Homeschool Scholarship Bill Gets Another Unanimous Vote

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschooling: It’s the Teacher, not the School

School District Cancels Special Ed Meeting After Hearing from HSLDA

School District Refuses to Withdraw Student

Random Portfolio Reviews Averted

Record—Breaking Crowd Sends Message to Legislators

Commission Announces Major Changes to Child Product Safety Rules

Justice Candidate a Threat to Parental Rights

Federal Regulators Delay Testing of Children’s Products

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschooling Popularity Grows

Florida’s CHESS Homeschool Organization Hosts Contest to Benefit Elimu Nyumbani

Board of Regents Changes Joint Enrollment Policy

Grain Valley Daytime Curfew Adopted

Daughter Spared Repeat Physical Exam

Committee Urges Schools to “Recruit” Homeschoolers to Fix Budget

Family Decides Price of Charter School’s Free Education Is Too High

Social Worker Threatens Truancy Charges

Homeschoolers Denied Access to Joint Enrollment Program

School District Seeks Work Samples from Homeschoolers

Homeschool Family Faces Fabricated Allegations

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

Family Accused of Sending Kids to Bed Too Early

Hearing Canceled After School District Received Letter from HSLDA

Washington Times Op—ed—U.N. Treaty Might Weaken Families

Appeals Court Orders New Trial for Homeschoolers Sentenced to Prison

Homeschoolers Targeted for Virtual Charter Schools