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 Top Stories (2008 Archive)

Washington Times Op—ed—Bush Did His Part
Mr. Bush has been a strong supporter of a parent's right to choose home education.

More Top Stories (2008 Archive)

Justice of the Peace Thanks HSLDA for Assistance with Truancy Case

Army National Guard Opens Doors to Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers Face Renewed Trials, Fresh Encouragement

A Family’s Influence in Southeast Asia

Community College Reinstates Homeschooler’s Federal Financial Aid

Washington Times Op—ed—Testing Proves Success of Graduates

HSLDA, German Homeschooling Featured on Moody Radio

Mexico: Homeschooling Ministry Gives Hope to Families

“You’re Not Going to Get Away With It!” But Family Stands Firm

Judge Returns Custody of Children, But Orders Them into Public School

HSLDA Files Asylum Application for German Homeschool Family

Introducing the Bible Bee

Tuition—Based Driver Education Adopted

Help Kenyan Homeschoolers Build New Facility

Homeschooling Movement on the Rise

Homeschooling Expands “Down Under”

Washington Times Op—ed—Getting Permits Might Take Work

Update on College of the Canyons Admission Policy

Anonymous Tip Results in Visit From…The Dog Warden

American Family Summoned to Defend Parental Rights for Homeschooling

South Korea: Homeschooling Prospers by Families Helping Families

Social Worker: “All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations”

School District Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

Philippines Homeschool Update—November 2008

Social Worker Investigates Family for Educational Neglect

Family Encounters Police and Principal at Front Door

Free Driver Education Threatened

School District Tells Mother She “Has No Say” in Her Son’s Education

Dearborn Heights Form Not Mandatory

Truant Officer Threatens Court Action over Absences for Illness

School District Refuses to Remove Unnecessary Information

Kenya Homeschool Update—October 2008

Woodruff Responds to “Jobless Homeschooler” Article

Washington Times Op—ed—State Groups Key to Success, Growth

New Homeschool Family Told to Meet with State Attorney or Else

Truant Officer Calls Unsuspecting Family Based on False Anonymous Tip

DOE Calls Hearings for Missed Deadline

Homeschool Faces Probation Due to School District Error

Nursing Program Reverses Decision to Reject Homeschool Diplomas

Washington Times Op—ed—GenJ Teaches Leadership, Civics

School District Says Parent Must Be State—Certified Teacher

School Districts Mandate More Standardized Testing

Evaluator Qualifications Misunderstood

School District Tries To Stop Homeschooling

Parent—Designated Grade Level Challenged

Public School Requires “Affirmation Of Understanding”

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee for Homeschool Parents

Restrictive Guantanamo Bay Homeschool Policy Abandoned

Social Worker Investigation over Escaped Two—Year—Old Resolved

Criminal Truancy Case Dismissed Against Homeschooler

School District Makes Unlawful Request for Information

International Homeschooling Theme at HSLDA Leaders Conference

Highs And Lows Of Two Families Illustrate Challenges For German Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed—California Court Reverses Decision

Why Government Should Stay out of Pre—K

Sheriff Rejects Homeschool Grad

College Complications: Homeschool Graduates Overcome Obstacles

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Homeschool Graduate Successfully Obtains NCAA Scholarship

Homeschooler Enlists in Army after HSLDA Resolves Misunderstanding

Court Rules Homeschoolers’ Religious Freedom Not Violated

German Youth Authorities Allow Gorber Children Home ‘Temporarily’

Washington Times Op—ed—Parents Share Teaching Load in Co—ops

Court Victory Prompts Letters of Appreciation

Homeschoolers Sweep First Round of Children’s International Arts Festival

Hoekstra Receives 110th Congress Friend of Homeschooling Award

Homeschoolers Thwart Daytime Curfew

Department of Education Agrees to Change Form

Daytime Curfew a Bad Idea

Schwarzenegger and O’Connell React to Homeschool Ruling

State Makes Demand for Unauthorized Information

New Hampshire Homeschoolers Have Freedom to Choose

A Great Victory for California Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers Win Landmark Case

State Withdraws Remediation Demand

Newport News Drops Birth Date Requirement

State Retreats from Race Demand

German Court Keeps Five Kids Because Parents are Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed—Teens Challenged to do Hard Things

European Commission to Open Dialogue with Germany on Homeschooling Law

Dudek Family Receives Formal Sentence

School Drags Feet on Letter

Driver Permits Held up by Unauthorized Demands

Family Threatened and Told to Submit Affidavit

Important Recommendations Concerning ISPs

Give My Regards to Broadway—And Please Forget about Us

Favorable Development in the California Homeschooling Case

Board to Publish Correction Following Census Error

Happy Graduation Despite Social Worker Threat

Washington Times Op—ed—Homeschooling Pioneers Deserve Thanks for Efforts

Court Rebuffs Grandparents’ Request for Visitation Rights

Homeschooler Among Top Award Winners in Financial Literacy Challenge

Keep Praying for the California Case

Capitol Hill Testimony a Success!

Homeschool Family Threatened with Truancy Charges

Principal Demands Homeschooler Fill Out a Form or Face Truancy

False Anonymous Tip Drags Family Through Needless Investigation

Superintendent Demands New Homeschooler Attend ‘Compliance Meeting’

Social Worker Threatens Truancy Charges

Driver’s License Bills Fail

Favorable Diploma Bill Dies

HSLDA Condemns German Court for Jailing Homeschool Parents

Legislative Roller Coaster

Equal Access Bills Fail

Washington Times Op—ed—More Problems for Homeschoolers in Germany

German Family Faces Trial, Possible Jail Time for Homeschooling

Controversy Over Proposed D.C. Homeschool Regulations Gets Media Attention

Regarding Obama Campaign’s
‘Joshua Generation’ Project

Zoning Enforcers Threaten Big Family

Mineral Area College Drops GED Demand

Subway Apologizes

Open Letter to Subway: Let Homeschoolers Enter Contest

Washington Times Op—ed—Acceptance Grows but Myths Persist

Misguided Driver’s License Bill Fails to Pass

Trouble Getting a State—Issued ID

School Rejects Home Instruction Plan

Family Receives Truancy Notice

Legislature Closes with Freedom Intact

Requirement of Homeschooler ID Numbers Averted

Washington Times Op—ed—California May Ban Spanking

Superintendent Insists On Unauthorized Meeting

Memphis Official Resists Obeying Law

Testing Bill Defeated

Washington Times Op—ed—California Case Jeopardizes Gains

Superintendent’s Requirements Usurp the Bounds of the Law

DuPage County Requests Unnecessary Registration

Homeschool Family Accused of Letting TV Replace Schoolwork

Homeschoolers Overcome Difficulties to Participate in Rodeo

Member Obtains Cancellation of Portfolio Review

Governor Proclaims Home Education Awareness Week

Federal Relations Department Hosts National Homeschool Leader Summit

Support Homeschooling: Write to Your Local Newspaper

Please Participate in New Homeschool Academic Study

Governor Issues Homeschool Proclamation

Court of Appeal Grants Petition for Re—hearing

Coming Together in California

Depublishing the Court of Appeal Ruling regarding In re Rachel L.

Unfolding Legal Process in California

Legislative Round Up: Governor Signs Bills Improving Homeschool Law

Washington Times Op—ed—Fundamental Right in Jeopardy

Two Bills Diverged In a Yellow Wood

Defending Homeschool Freedom in California

Governor Declares Home Education Week March 30—April 6

Lynchburg Retracts Threat to Religious Exemptions

Response to Ruling of California Court of Appeal

School Demands Records

Family Almost Loses Benefits

Dropouts Required to Homeschool

Family Narrowly Escapes Truancy Charges

Truant Officer Targets 5—Year—Old

Legislation Affecting Homeschoolers Defeated

Superintendent Says ‘No’ to Homeschooling

Follow Up—Bad Decision by Second Appellate District of California

Defending Homeschool Freedom in California

Family Told to ‘Prove’ they Homeschool

Homeschoolers Break Attendance Records at Public Hearing

Social Worker Gives Up

Washington Times Op—ed—Political Resistance Continues

Homeschool Family is Accused of Truancy

Family Accused of Having ‘Too Many Kids’

Washington Times Op—ed—Meeting Challenges of Teaching

Tragedy Prompts Calls for Heightened Scrutiny of Homeschoolers

Legislator Wants to Take Homeschool Law Back to the ‘Dark Ages’!

Help Germans Ask Their Chancellor: ‘Why isn’t Homeschooling Allowed?’

Washington Times Op—ed—Treaty Threatens Parents’ Rights

Daytime Curfews Continue to Threaten Freedom

Concerned Family Declines Evaluation

Family Told What Curriculum to Use

Trouble in the City

Potentially Dangerous Ordinance Changed

Health Department Seeks Immunization Records

Persecuted Homeschool Family to Leave Germany

Public School Official Attempts to Recruit Homeschoolers

Homeschool Mom Exonerated of Compulsory Education Charges

HB 28—Unfavorable Change in Compulsory Attendance Age