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 Top Stories (2007 Archive)

Washington Times Op—ed—Widows Fund Aids Those in Need
It’s tempting, in all the busyness of the season, to forget the purpose of this holiday. It’s also relatively easy to forget that some people, through no fault of their own, have not only been knocked out of their daily routine, but also have been knocked out of their routine for life.

More Top Stories (2007 Archive)

The Cost of ‘Free’ Materials

Diplomas for Daycare

College: ‘Your Diploma was Printed and Signed by Your Parents’

Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Certified for 2008 Ballot

‘Civics’ in, Government and History out

Nine—Year—Old’s Bike Crash Leads to Social Worker Investigation

School District Badgers Family that Moved

Washington Times Op—ed—Extracurricular Activities on Rise

Social Worker Will Not Reveal Mystery Allegations

Home School Freedom Advances in the 2007 Legislative Season

School Unlawfully Requests Immunization Records

Compulsory Attendance Bill—Senate Bill 18—Passes

Family Successfully Stands on Fourth Amendment Right

Social Worker Ignores Federal Law

Employer Questions Homeschool Diploma

Superintendent Terminates Home Education Program Without Authority

More Families Told To Enroll

Homeschool Program Not Approved

Demand For GED Rebuffed

CPS Tries to Review Homeschool Records

Washington Times Op—ed—Instilling Basics Teaches Leadership

Germany: Officials Want to Sell Family's Possessions to Pay Homeschooling Fine

Home Study Office Adds to Law

School Districts Attempt To Impose Unauthorized Testing

DNPE Seeks Meeting With Homeschool Families

Registration Of Homeschool Students Sought

Homeschoolers Harassed By School District

State Turns Its Back on Traditional Families

HSLDA Responds to Columnist’s ‘Alarm’ Concerning Homeschooling

New Director Named for Generation Joshua

Homeschooler Told by Police ‘You Have No Rights’

Erroneous Ohio County ‘Supplemental Curriculum’ Request Withdrawn

Certified Teacher Not Good Enough to Homeschool

PSAT Homeschool Codes

Judge Rules Social Worker Fear Tactics Unconstitutional

Waukee Corrects Letter

Washington Times Op—ed—Parents Vital to Driver Education

New PSAT Law Gets Tested

Department of Education Finally Corrects Website

School District Acknowledges Request not Necessary to Homeschool

Somerset County Will Stop Seeking Unauthorized Curriculum Information

Don’t Trade Freedom for Government Assistance

Curfew in Colerain Reportedly ‘Passed without Opposition’

Washington Times Op—ed—Success Proving Critics Wrong

Homeschooler Finally Receives Speech Therapy

After Social Worker Closes Case, Family ‘Spreads the Word!’

Family 'Required' to Use Inaccurate Notification Form

School District Demands Homeschoolers to Fill Out Unlawful Forms

Homeschooler Told She’s Learning Too Fast

Persistent Social Worker Refuses to Leave Homeschool Family Alone

School District Sends Social Worker to Collect Evaluation

Baltimore County Offers Freebies In Exchange for Freedom

German Prosecutor Wants Homeschooling Parents in Jail

German Authorities Threaten to Deport Homeschooling Missionaries

New Homeschool Student Drivers Face Extra Red Tape

Christiansburg Retracts Probation Demand

School District Threatens to Destroy Portfolios

2007 Legislative Wrap—Up

Bills Affecting Homeschoolers Fail

Virtual Charter School Enrollment

Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Fails

Bills Fail in Legislature

State Superintendent Amends Reporting Memorandum

Trouble in Cumberland County

Washington Times Op—ed—Education Extends to 12th Grade

Family ‘Well—Prepared Because of HSLDA’

HSLDA Co—hosts Joint Briefing on NCLB in Washington, D.C.

When Bureaucrats Hate to Give Up Control

Registration is Not Required as Some School Districts Assert

Prosecutor Persuaded to Dismiss Truancy Case

Legislature Passes Homeschool Resolution

Seminary Drops GED Demand

Ames Apologizes for Giving Family’s Address to Mail Order Merchant

New Homeschool Bill has Far—Reaching Effects

Washington Times Op—ed—Honoring Moore’s Achievements

Wood County Corrects Error

Washington County Refuses to Stop Misleading Families

Virginia—Official Tries to Shorten Due Date for Notice of Intent

Homeschool Graduate Fights to be a Firefighter

Michigan: School District Mistakenly Threatens Truancy

Vengeful Tipster Turns Family in for Allegedly Depriving Children

Michigan School District Harasses Family Over Survey

Homeschool Family Faces ‘Never—Ending’ Investigation

Truancy Charges Against Family Dismissed

Case of Poison Oak Gets Exaggerated by Tipster

‘Approval’ Dropped from Form

Homeschoolers Lobby Congress as Part of Congressional Action Program

Epilogue for Washington Borough Daytime Curfew

Once Again Homeschoolers Score High on the ACT Exam

Washington Times Op—ed—High—Scoring Enlisted Given Top Tier

‘Marriage’ Definition Withheld from Citizens

Chesapeake Retracts Another Remediation

Legislative Wrap—Up—Positive Developments

Legislative Wrap—Up—Traditional Marriage Survives

St. Louis Daytime Curfew Proposal in Limbo

Chesapeake Retracts Remediation Demand

Legislative Wrap—Up—Freedoms Preserved

Homeschool Dad Wins State Senate Seat

Company Refuses to Pay Doctor’s Bill for Homeschooler

Homeschool Grad Hired as EMT after Brief Struggle

Attempts to Manipulate Driver License Laws Fail

Washington Times Op—ed—Supreme Court Levels Playing Field

Rep. Colloton Misfires on Citizenship Training

Prosecutor Wants Homeschool Family to Register Every Year

Ill Child’s Medical Privacy Protected by Timely Legal Advice

Fredericksburg Letter May Encourage Groundless Reports

Good News in the Military: Homeschoolers Returned to Tier 1 for Recruiting

HSLDA Attorney Receives Captain John Smith Quadricentennial Award

Day at the Capitol Celebrates Expanded Freedom

Legislative Wrap—up—New Homeschool Guidelines Thwarted

Legislative Victory—Homeschool Freedoms Preserved

Annual Assessment Woes

Homeschool Discrimination Averted at Art Festival

Two Districts Demand Records

Daytime Curfew Complaint Dismissed

Legislative Wrap—up—Special Education Bill Nearly Passes

Legislative Wrap—up—Several Attacks on Liberty Thwarted

Playing In Trunk Ignites Investigation

Good Homeschool Bill Introduced

Dangerous Anti—Lobbying Bill Amended

Washington Times Op—ed—Contest Winners Prove the Point

State Compels Unauthorized Reporting

Public School Official Labels Homeschool Illegal

Superintendent tries to Set Family’s School Year

Victory for Homeschool Freedom Bill

Public School Threatens Homeschool Family with Court Action

Wheaton School District ‘Checks Up’ on Homeschool Family

Homeschool Family Receives Several Calls a Day from Authorities

Attendance Officer Wants to ‘Approve’ Family’s Curriculum

Social Worker Tries to Investigate Children’s English Skills

Fruitvale Public Schools Tries to Oversee Homeschool

Family Threatened With Being Turned Over to State’s Attorney

Several Counties Illegally Requiring Evaluation Deadline

Victory Protects Grassroots Lobbying from Federal Control

Washington Times Op—ed—Patrick Henry Caps Very Good Year

Power to Make New Homeschool Regulations Abolished

Administrative Rulings Support Right to Homeschool

German Appeals Court Returns Custody of Homeschooled Girl to Parents

Air Force Looking for Homeschool Graduates

Washington Times Op—ed—Let’s Smarten up on Teen Rebellion

Bill Would Increase Reporting Requirements

Bill Would Lower Compulsory Attendance Age

CAPTA Legislation Enacted

Definition of ‘Home School’ Changes

Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age

Legislation for Participation in Public School Activities

Sullivan County Attempts to Require Gateway Exams

Schools Demand Approval of Year—End Test

Report to CPS Threatened (After Family Moves)

Grandparent Visitation Bill Defeated—For Now

Families Forced To Register

Attempt to Raise School Age Fails

Colorado: Homeschoolers Benefit From Averted Snowstorm

German Homeschooled Teen Reunited with Family

Victory for Religious Freedom in Virginia

Washington Times Op—ed—Marine Acceptance is Breakthrough

South Dakota—Legislative Wrap Up

Missouri Virtual Instruction Program: Ticket to Mediocrity

Finishing First Full Year under Expanded Assessment Options

Nelson Plan Turns Homeschools into Public Schools

Governor Issues Homeschool Proclamation

Veterans Affairs: Another Victory for Homeschooling

Washington Times Op—ed—Transforming Educational Culture

Brookdale Community College Opens to Homeschoolers

U.S. Marine Corps Opens Doors Wide for Homeschool Graduates

Homeschool Freedom Bill is Introduced

Social Worker Tries to Hide Reason for Investigation

Truancy Case Against New Homeschool Family Dismissed

HSLDA Restarts Congressional Action Program

School District Files Truancy Charges against Out—of—District Homeschooler

HSLDA Fights Discrimination Against Homeschooling Mom

Victory for New York Homeschooling Family!

Compulsory Attendance Risk Gets Bigger

Homeschool Testing Bill Defeated

Homeschoolers Get Legislative Victory

Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age

Grand Forks Challenges Home Education Supervisors

Family Receives ‘Welcome’ From Social Worker

Homeschoolers Exempted From Compulsory Attendance Age Expansion

Washington Times Op—ed—The Battle Against Fascist Conformity

Social Worker Applauds Family for Standing on Constitutional Rights!

Washington Times Op—ed—Foundation Teaches Lesson of Caring

Homeschooler Visited by Truant Officer Demanding to See Curriculum

Burnet School District Requires Homeschoolers to Fill Out Unnecessary Form

School Board Wrongfully Rejects Homeschooler’s Notification

Anonymous Tipster Turns in Homeschoolers

School District Creates False Deadline for Homeschooler

Superintendent Demands Homeschoolers Register

School District Demands Interview and Curriculum Approval

State Website Erroneously Interprets Homeschool Statute

National Publication tells Doctors: ‘Monitor Socialization in Homeschool Patients’

Jamestown Reverses Policy on AP Test

District Demands More Information

Family Told They Must Enroll Children in School

Family Stands Firm in Face of Social Worker’s Threats

Listening Only to Christian Music Considered Child Abuse?

Home School Foundation—Homeschoolers Helping Homeschoolers

Data Show Virtual Students Underperforming at Every Grade Level

Bogus Homeschool Complaints may Jump after Misleading Article

Another Daytime Curfew Considered

Homeschooling in Lithuania

French Victory: HSLDA Helps Defeat 'Draconian' Legislation

State Official Asks: ‘Are You Capable of Teaching Your Kids Trigonometry?’

School Demands Proof of Parent ‘Competence’

Washington Times Op—ed—Fourth Amendment a Learning Tool

Victory for Grassroots Lobbying——Bennett Amendment Passes Senate

Warwick Policy Improves Greatly with Homeschool Family Input

State High Court Protects Parents Against In—law Intrusion

Illinois School Case Worker Officer Visits Family

SAT/ACT Power Prep CD Special Offer Continues

Urgent Calls Needed to Protect Grassroots Lobbying from Federal Control

Deadline Dilemma: Tennessee Superintendent Gets It Wrong

West Warwick Retreats from Time—on—Subject Demand

False Allegation of ‘Emaciation’ Rebuffed

School Officials Promise to Destroy Ill—gotten Information

Washington Times Op—ed—Building on Successes in New Year