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 Top Stories (2006 Archive)

Homeschooler Warns: Don’t be Fooled by Charter Schools
A California homeschooler said she was enticed into joining a government charter school program—until she realized just how much freedom she was giving up.

More Top Stories (2006 Archive)

Clicks for Homeschooling Hits New Fund—raising High

Washington Times Op—ed—Christian Teens Active in Elections

Compulsory Attendance Age Confusion Compounded

Official’s Attempt to Impose State Content Standards Rebuffed

Social Worker ‘Fishing Expedition’ Case Dismissed

Manatee School Officials Believe They Can Make Their Own Laws

Information Paper: Homeschooling Non—DOD Schools Program

‘Your Home Education Program is Terminated’

Surprise Phone Call from a Social Worker

Generation Joshua Releases New Promotional DVD

Private Schools Ordered to Give Information to Recruiters

Unlawful Level of Detail Demanded in Curriculum Description

Marriage Amendments Win!

Puerto Rico Homeschoolers Obtain Great Victory

Washington Times Op—ed—Thanks Due for Educational Freedom

Family Won’t be Bullied Again Into Filing Form

Enlightened School District Reverses ‘Denial’ of Homeschooling

'Homeschoolopoly' Game Sales Benefit Needy Homeschoolers

County Seeks Progress Reports

DNPE Seeks Meeting at Police Station

District Seeks Curriculum Review

Family Threatened with Truancy Charges

College Admission Discrimination Ends for Homeschoolers

Social Worker Admits Lack of Fourth Amendment Training

Truant Officer ‘Checks Up’ on Homeschool Family

Letter No Reason to Consider Charter Schools

Student Scores Proving Froma Harrop’s Bias

District Seeks Evaluation

District Requests Exceed Law

County Revises Form

Family Hits Bull’s—Eye in Saving Archery Program

Routine Investigation of All New Homeschoolers to Stop

Educating the Educators

Washington Times Op—ed—Just—Right Curriculum Found Online

School District Backs Down from Unauthorized Demand

Special Education Students Assisted

School District Drops Improper ‘Letter of Intent’

Homeschool Father: ‘I Thought I Would Go to Jail!’

To Test or Not to Test—That Is the Question

State’s Attorney Backs Down from Comments Targeting Homeschoolers

Federal Regulation: Parental Consent Required for Special Needs Evaluation

Homeschooler Denied Eligibility to Participate in Public School Sports

Washington Times Op—ed—Federalization is the Wrong Answer

Curriculum Market Going Strong

Single Parent Success in Nebraska

Attorneys Change, Mission Stays the Same

HSLDA Launches Online Curriculum Market

HSLDA Senior Counsel Receives Distinguished Award

Legal Threat Evaporates after HSLDA Intervenes

HSLDA Offers Preschool Resources

Homeschooling Offers Hope in Dominican Republic

It Shouldn’t Take a Lawyer

Washington Times Op—ed—Preserving Constitution our Duty

Family Summoned to Court

NYC Contacts All Homeschoolers

Districts Demand too Much

Homeschooling Progresses in Poland

Romanian Homeschoolers Move Forward with Help from America

HSLDA Responds to Hostile Article

Officials Visit Homeschool Families Demanding to See Curriculum

Family Receives Unannounced Home Visit

Family in Giles County Investigated

Immunization Tracking Bill Dies in House

School District Disregards Law

Declaration of Intent Trouble

School Districts Threaten Truancy Charges

Amelia Withdraws Request for Notice from Exempt Family

Homeschool Escapes False Child Abuse Allegations

Reasons to Not Enroll in the Wyoming Virtual School

Social Worker Investigates Child Left Home Alone

Rude Social Worker Accuses Homeschool Mom of Using Drugs

We Need You to Help Register Voters Next Month

Support Grows for Southern Baptist Resolution on Exodus from Public Schools

Washington Times Op—ed—U.N. Treaty Trumps Parental Rights

Culpeper Retracts Remediation Request

HSLDA Challenges School’s Attempt to Impose Filing Deadline

Investigation Closed after Attorney Call

Bedford ‘Truant’ on Curriculum Requirement

A Great Miracle in Guatemala

Berlin Backtracks on State Law ‘Requirement’

Official Offers to Correct Error

New Personnel, New Problems

Overzealous House Inspector Becomes ‘Family Inspector’

Washington Times Op—ed—Respect Earned But Not Always Given

Beware of Intrusive ‘Health Screenings’

Homeschool Privacy Quietly Wins Big

Roane County Corrects Math

Registration Open for Regional Seminar

Learning Curve in New Hampshire

Tooele County Lags Behind

Daytime Curfew Defeated!

Keep Homeschools as Private Schools

Washington Times Op—ed—Courts Back Families on Searches

Legislative Session Closes with Flurry of Activity

Officials Threaten Families with Class C Violation

Freedom Expands for Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed—Parents Delivering Quality Education

Thrashing Out the New Law

Morgan County Demands Records From Everyone

Family Declines Special Ed Services

Another School Assigns Grade Level

Federal Regulations Threaten Religious Liberty

Illinois Social Worker Investigates Family with Convictions Against Immunizations

Tipster Admits ‘It’s Easy to Get Someone in Trouble with a Social Worker!’

Family Encounters Problems With Monitor

Bills Affecting Homeschoolers Die In Legislature

School District Creates Unauthorized Requirements

Testing Bill Dies

Restrictive Homeschool Bill Defeated in Puerto Rico

Homeschoolers Mistakenly Included in State Database

HSLDA to Sue School District over IDEA

Family Turned in to Both Social Worker and School District

Police Officer Sticks His Foot in Family's Door

Judge Threatens Family with $3,500 Fine!

Mandatory Health Care Coverage Defeated

Washington Times Op—ed—Patrick Henry College Gains Notice

Hamblen County Adds Requirements

South Carolina: Immunization Tracking Bill Passes Senate

Wethersfield Says Notice Of Intent Mandatory

The Fight for Religious Freedom Continues

California: Whose Job is it Anyway?

Fayette Threatens to Shut Down Homeschools

Family ‘ In Trouble,’ Threatened with Magistrate

Flaws Repaired in Child Attorney Bill

College Rescinds Discriminatory Homeschool Policy

Social Worker Threatens New American Homeschoolers

State Acknowledges Error

Texas: 'HSLDA is a Lifesaver!'

Illinois Social Worker: 'What Are You Trying To Hide?'

HSLDA Appeals After Board Tries to Shut Down a Homeschool

Harford County Drops Demand

CAPTA Legislation Enacted

None Dare Call It Socialism

Publicity Follows Religious Exemption Hearing

Compulsory Age Expansion Blocked

Setbacks and Victories in South Dakota

HSLDA Helps After 'Dragon' Threat

Father Accused of 'Counting Bread Slices'

Proposed Southern Baptist Resolution: Develop Exit Strategy from Public Schools

Bad Bill Defeated

Parents Told State Assessment Tests a Must

Homeschooling Legal for Workfirst Program

New Law Excuses Homeschoolers From Jury Duty

Reading, Writing, and Child Protective Services

Statewide Databases and Homeschool Privacy

Homeschoolers Stop Expansion of Government Control in Colorado

Ohio District Asks the Impossible

School District Perpetuates False Homeschool Deadlines

TV Indecency Affects Us All

Washington Times Op—ed—Conferences are a Vital Resource

Making Progress with DSS

School District Allows PASS Test

One—Third of U.S. Adults Know Someone Who Homeschools

Homeschooler Wins Short—Notice Court Case

Press Gets it Wrong in Indiana

Special—Needs Homeschooler Fights Excessive Demands

Official: 'We Do Not Talk To Lawyers'

Source of Loudoun County's Error Discovered

HSLDA Confronts Harford County's Child Interrogation Tactics

Burden Lifted From Principal's Shoulders

Don't Mess With Homeschoolers!

National Center for Home Education—Legislative Briefing Report

Washington Times Op—ed—Compulsory Attendance Deserves F

Family Threatened: 'We Will Take Your Children!'

School District Oversteps Authority

Important Victory in California

Bad Legislation Looming Ahead

Homeschooler Receives ‘Armed Escort’ Across Town

Major Victory in California

School District Refuses To Provide Monitor

School District Drops Unlawful Proposal

Bill Would Raise Compulsory Attendance Age

Bills Make Public School Resources Available

Bill Would Require State Testing

Special Education Services Reinstated for Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed—Children Winning 'Mommy Wars'

Lincoln County Seeks Homeschool Registration

School District Insists on Use of its Forms

Bills Would Open Public School Activities

‘Let My People Go!’

Fluvanna County Corrects Misstep

HSLDA Request Yields Changes in West Virginia Sports Bill

Truancy Officer Attempts Unlawful Inspection

Hanover County Apologizes for Unlawful Demands

Uncle Sam Wants Drew

Wyoming County Superintendent Withdraws Remediation Threat

Loudoun County Apologizes for Error

Albemarle County Apologizes for Letter

Eighth Circuit Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeschoolers

Officials Demand Test Results by September 1

Parental Rights Protected

Harlan Orders Homeschool Graduate Back to School

Rocky Transition to Rocky Maine

Fending Off Social Workers

Mounds View Brings Up the Rear

Legislative Flurry

April 1 Deadline Approaches

New Hampshire Superintendent Retracts Threat

Declaration of Participation Forms

Texas: The Case of the Missing School Textbooks

Unlikely Victory

Doors Swing Open Again at Burlington County College

Texas: 'Rising Star' Principal Demands Notice

Parent—Teachers Want Safety First

Educate the Educators

Oprah Winfrey Responds to HSLDA

Suspicious 'Truant Officer' in Sanford County

Homeschool Family Grilled in Court for an Hour but Case Won

Homeschool Graduates Enlisting in the Military Protected by New Law

Shine on the State House Day '06

Washington Times Op—ed—Remaining Vigilant Protects Gains

Open letter to Oprah Winfrey

Special—Needs Student Charged with Truancy

The End of the Spear—New Film A Great Teaching Tool

Wyoming Family Shows Homeschoolers are Good Citizens

Washington District Corrects Form

Sloppy Recording by District Leads to CPS Report

State Denies Home Study Renewal Application

School Denies Grade Levels Chosen by Parents

Breakthrough on PSAT and AP in Virginia Beach

Utah Homeschoolers Gain Victory

Ohio District Invents New Requirement

Is Homeschooling Neglect?

Nebraska Department of Education Opposes Single Parents

NYC’s Region 7 Mistakenly Threatens Homeschoolers

Illinois Homeschool Family Dragged Into Court