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 Top Stories (2004 Archive)

Washington Times Op—ed — Competing with the Best — and Winning
Homeschoolers are competing with the best students in the world and succeeding.

More Top Stories (2004 Archive)

Washington Times Op—ed — Who Better Than Family to Instill Values?

Court of Appeals Backs HSLDA

Response to Akron Beacon Journal Homeschool Series

Thanksgiving Blessings

Concerns About Mental Health Screening Legislation

Delaine Eastin Pushes to Regulate Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed — Vigilance Needed Against Regulation

2004 HSLDA Art Contest Winners

Washington Times Op—ed — Prosecutions Threaten Parents' Rights

Colorado Homeschooler Chosen for Grand Prize in National Essay Competition

Oral Arguments Held in Pennsylvania Fourth Amendment Case

California — Private Homeschool ISPs and Groups are Spared a Nightmare!

Washington Times Op—ed — Generation Joshua: Leaving a Lasting Mark

Setting the Record Straight About a Military Draft

Homeschoolers Portrayed As Terrorists

Homeschoolers Excel In ACT College Entrance Exam

California — Universal Preschool Defeated Again!

Washington Times Op—ed — Deregulation Places Trust In Parents

California — Senate Bill 550 Defeated!

California Acknowledges Rights of Parents!

California: Senate Bill 6 — Defeated

Letter from a Grateful Family

HSLDA Files Amicus Brief in Virginia Same—Sex Case

California Appellate Court Mandates Review of CPS Finding

Federal Court Holds that Homeschooled Child Must Submit to Unwanted Special Needs Evaluations

Washington Times Op—ed — Trend Even Stronger than Figures Show

Controversy Rages Over Homeschooling in Bakersfield, California

Pennsylvania — Homeschoolers' Religious Freedom Case Can Proceed

Court of Appeals for Veterans Strikes Down Discriminatory Policy

Washington Times Op—ed — Four Reasons that Motivate Parents to Homeschool

HSLDA Defends Civil Rights of Homeschoolers

Results of HSLDA's Third Annual Essay Contest

Washington Times Op—ed — Conveying Values to a New Generation

Washington School District Forces Home Schoolers to Seek "Approval"

Court Opens Public School Sports to Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed — Discipline Matters

Southern Baptist Christian Education Resolution

Washington Times Op—ed — Socialization in High School Oversold

Another California Homeschooling Victory

Homeschoolers Fight Discrimination in Opportunity Scholarship Program

Victory for California Homeschoolers

Washington Times Op—ed — The Right Incentives Matter

Regulation of Homeschooling Recommended by Guest Column in the Wisconsin State Journal

Michigan Homeschoolers Under Attack

Third Annual HSLDA Essay Contest

Homeschool Library Kits: Adopt Your Library

House of Delegates Rejects Governor’s Amendments

Washington Times Op—ed — Homeschooling Strengthens Families and Communities

Questions and Answers Regarding a Constitutional Amendment on Same—Sex Marriage

Homeowners Association Threatens California Homeschoolers

German Homeschoolers Thank HSLDA Members

Washington Times Op—ed — Homeschoolers Invest in Education

Last Step for Homeschool Freedom Bill

Teacher Tax Deduction Not for Homeschoolers

HSLDA’s Emergency Appeal Denied By Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Cosmetology Board Postpones Decision

A Free Market in Education

Victory for Homeschool Freedom in Tennessee

HSLDA Sends Letter to Wolf Films

Op—ed — Homeschoolers Make Strides In Sports

A University for Homeschoolers

The Economist — A Revolution is Happening in American Education

Anti—Homeschool Bill Defeated in Idaho

Old Prejudices Against Homeschooling Revealed in Hearing

NBC’s Law and Order SVU Smears Homeschooling

Victory in Indiana — Judge rules that homeschools are “secondary” schools—reinstates adoption subsidy

Victory In Illinois — Truancy Charges Against Homeschooler Dismissed

NCAA Eliminates Waiver Process for Homeschoolers

HSLDA of Canada Involved in Victory for Parental Rights

HSLDA Senior Counsel Testifies Before Congress

Major Legislative Victory in California

Victory For Homeschool Family In San Diego

Restrictive Homeschool Law Proposed in New Jersey

Mandatory Kindergarten Proposed In California

Washington Times Op—ed — A good time to reassess, set new goals