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 Top Stories (2003 Archive)

A Christmas Message from HSLDA President J. Michael Smith
Following the tree—lighting ceremony at the White House, the celebration culminates with a speech by the President of the United States. I was so encouraged that so many presidents recognized the real meaning of Christmas, beginning with the birth of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago.

More Top Stories (2003 Archive)

HSLDA To Defend Illinois Homeschooler

California member caught in truancy sweep

Washington Times Op—ed: Close—knit families, successful children

Homeschoolers Help Runner in Four Month Trek to Fight Cancer

Homeschooling Maintains Academic Success

Washington Times Op—ed: Homeschooling Grows Up

HSLDA Answers New York Times Editorial

HSLDA Hosts Press Conference in U.S. Capitol

Child Abuse Hearing on Capitol Hill

Mike Farris Meets With President Bush

Update — Adams Fellowship Program

Washington Times Editorial

Congress sends letter to CBS

The Dark Side of CBS

New Study — Homeschooling Succeeds

HSLDA sends letter to Presidents of CBS and Viacom

CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"

Stumbo Victory Protects North Carolina Family From Social Worker Investigation

College Revokes Homeschool Graduates Admission: HSLDA Files Suit

Homeschooled Students Shine in National Merit List

Editorial: Making Everyone Count in the Military

Homeschool Privacy

Homeschool Advocate

Breakthrough for Homeschoolers Enlisting in the Military

HSLDA Defends Pennsylvania Family

USA Today Supports Homeschooling

Editorial: Back—to—School

Ohio Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Parents

Daytime Curfew Defeated in Big Spring, Texas

Military Enlistment Program for Homeschoolers Likely Extended

HSLDA Hosts Congressional Staff Briefing

Homeschool Freedom Grows in Taiwan

Homeschooler Awarded Bronze Star With Valor

Congress Asks for Equitable Treatment of Homeschoolers in the State Department

Homeschoolers Add Protective Amendment to "Head Start" Bill

Homeschooling in Poland

Homeschool Non—Discrimination Act Introduced in Senate

Homeschoolers Succeed as Future Problem Solvers

Homeschoolers Seek Equality

North Carolina Supreme Court Rules Against Social Worker Investigation

Homeschooler Named Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

Congress Introduces Homeschool Non—Discrimination Bill

Second HSLDA Essay Contest Better Than Ever

Texas Bill Repealing Immunization Exemption Likely Dead

Homeschool Graduates Honored in Puerto Rico

Restrictions on Homeschooling in Idaho Averted

Homeschoolers in the Workforce

Homeschoolers in the Workforce

New York Homeschool Freedom Bill Carried Over to Next Year

Editorial: California Continues to Slight Homeschoolers

President Bush Signs ‘Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003’

Homeschoolers Compete in the American Legion’s National High School Oratorical Contest

Precedent Breaking Decision for German Homeschool Family

Oregon Governor Vetoes Homeschool Bill

Child Protective Services Considers its Options

Minnesota Legislation Restores Homeschool Privacy

Editorial: Homeschooling Grows in the Black Community

California Department of Education Changing Position on Homeschooling?

Michigan Meeting Held to Urge No New Regulations for Homeschoolers

Third Time's a Charm in Forest Lake, Minnesota

U.S. Homeschoolers Help Persecuted Families in Ukraine

Fourth Amendment Training Becomes Mandatory for Social Workers in Texas

New York State College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers

Federal Court Insists Charter Schools are "Public Schools"

Rash Brings Social Services

Struggles Continue in Georgetown, Ohio

Homeschoolers Make USA Today Academic Team

Texas Legislature Passes Bill Prohibiting College Discrimination of Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers Shine at National Competitions

House and Senate Reach Agreement on CAPTA

Congress Passes Pro—family Tax Cut

More Problems in Kentucky

National Alert: Homeschoolers in Romania Need Your Help

Editorial: Good Judges Make Good Decisions

A New Round of Pro—Family Tax Cuts

Maine Principals Association's Position On Homeschoolers Violates Law

Ohio Newspaper Accuses Homeschooling

New Massachusetts 'Advisory on Home Education' to be Released

Homeschool Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Maine Legislature

Litigation Update: Goulart and Pelletier

Child Welfare Reform Passes U.S. House and Senate

Farris Receives Heritage Foundation Award

HSLDA Reviews O'Keefes Pilot

Topics Announced for 2003 Essay Contest

IDEA Reauthorization Clarifies Evaluations for Homeschoolers

Homeschool College Admissions Bill Moves To Texas Senate

Dangerous California Legislation Defeated

UN Rebukes Britain For Failing To Implement Children's Treaty

HHS Report Includes Statistics on State Marriage Tax Policies

Editorial: No Child Left Untested?

Hollywood Poised to Reinforce Homeschool Stereotypes

Louisiana Homeschoolers Defeat Dangerous School Records Bill

Update: Judicial Nominee Still on Hold

Mike Farris Addresses Social Workers at National Conference

HSLDA Hosts National Homeschool Leadership Summit

Bad Law, Bad Outcome in Vermont

West Virginia Governor Signs Bill Abolishing Four—year Rule

Texas Equal Access Bill May Damage Homeschool Freedom

Michigan Study Recommends State Regulation of Homeschoolers

South Africa Minister Of Education Attempts to Stop Religious Teaching in Homeschools

California Supreme Court Denies Review of Monrovia Case

Dueling Bills in Nevada

National Alert: Ukrainian Homeschoolers Desperately Need Our Help

Hearing Officer Rules Homeschooler Must Submit to Special Needs Evaluation

Michigan Homeschooler Summoned to Court a Second Time

Patrick Henry College Announces Summer Teen Leadership Camps!

Homeschoolers Win in Boxborough, Massachusetts

Maine Homeschoolers Denied Access to Private School Sports

Mike Smith to Address Summit Ministries Home School Session

HSLDA Assists Family With Disabled Child

Arkansas Legislation Would Require Homeschools to Prove They Provide "Quality" Education

Farris Presents Case to Vermont Justices

Texas Legislative Update: Partial Victory in Homeschool Registration Battle

West Virginia Legislature Abolishes Four—Year Rule

Farris to Argue Before Vermont Supreme Court

Utah Senate Kills Truancy Bill

Maryland Board Retreats from Annual Notification Plan

HSLDA Helps Reinstate Disabled Homeschooler's SSI Benefits

New York College Policy Discriminates Against Homeschoolers

National Alert: Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination

Texas Bill Would Require Registration of Homeschoolers

Illinois Homeschoolers Face Legislative Threats

Wisconsin Virtual Charter School Changes State Form

Parent—taught Driver's Ed Bills Move Forward

Editorial: Homeschool Snow Days

Arkansas Court Denies Social Workers' Attempt to Search Home

Missouri Family Allowed to Continue Homeschooling

Announcing HSLDA's Second Annual Essay Contest

Victory on Montana Senate Bill 276

Maine Homeschoolers Pack Hearing Room for LD 160

Arkansas Family’s Right to Privacy Threatened by Investigation

Adults Who Were Homeschooled Needed for New Research

Massachusetts Protects Homeschool Privacy

Teacher Tax Deduction Not for Home Schoolers

Minnesota Legislation Would Protect Homeschool Privacy

New Mexico Department of Education Seeks Too Much Information

West Virginia Homeschoolers Fight for More Freedom

Michigan Father Arrested for Homeschooling

Maine Homeschoolers Fight Against Repressive Regulations

Parent—taught Driver Education Moves Forward in Virginia

Homeschoolers and College: A Response

Arizona Legislature Tables Tax Credit for Homeschoolers

Virginia Bill Would Restore Parents' Due Process Rights

Arizona Proposes Tax Credit for Homeschoolers

Dangerous Legislation Averted in Louisiana

DC Schools Try Again With Government Preschool

Plans for Restrictive Homeschooling Law in Idaho Abandoned

Hungarian Homeschoolers Need Our Help

Texas Conflicts Continue

Idaho Homeschoolers Under Fire

Pennsylvania Religious Freedom Bill Becomes Law

Homeschooling: Growing Force in Higher Education

North Dakota HB 1182 Voted Down

Homeschooling in Romania

Legislative Season Is Off And Running

North Dakota Legislation Would Increase Testing Requirements on Homeschoolers

New Tax Plan Reflects Family Values

Homeschooling Widow Wins Benefits Appeal

Maine Principals Position On Homeschoolers Violates Law

Update on CAPTA

Breakthrough for Homeschoolers Seeking College Admission and Financial Aid