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 Top Stories (2002 Archive)

A Christmas Message From HSLDA
By joining HSLDA, you're allowing us to continue our mission to expand and protect the freedom of parents who choose home education.

More Top Stories (2002 Archive)

Nevada State Board of Education Passes New Homeschool Regulations

New Culture Taking Hold Within Larger World of Education

Soccer Kids

Department of Defense Applies New Equal Access Policy for Homeschoolers

Good News in Ware, Massachusetts

Trouble in Ware, Massachusetts

Nevada Board of Education to Vote on Homeschool Regulations

Maine Homeschoolers' Sports Eligibility Challenged

New Maryland Homeschool Regulations Delayed

Maryland Homeschool Rules Proposal Triggers Protest

Some Homeschoolers Concerned About Homeland Security Legislation

Reaching Out to Mexico

Senate Adjourns Without Action on CEDAW

Kentucky Truant Officers Endorse "Best Practices"

Home School Foundation Now Offers HSLDA Gift Certificates

Challenge Emerges to Homeschooling: Officials Accused of Intimidation

President Proclaims National Family Week

HSLDA Meets with State Department

Illinois Update: Superintendent Agrees to Scale Back Tactics on HSLDA Members

Lessons Planned: Black Families Boost Ranks of Homeschoolers

Pennsylvania Homeschool Legislation Effectively Dead for 2002

Maryland Board of Education Tries to Change Homeschool Regulations

PHC Receives Preaccreditation

Homeschooled Grad Elected to New Hampshire House

Illinois Homeschoolers Facing Harassment

Puerto Rico Legislature Holds Hearings on Homeschool Bill

Maryland Board of Education Tries to Change Homeschool Regulations

Dallas Morning News Reports on Honor Society for Homeschoolers

Florida Voluntary Pre—kindergarten Amendment Passes

Tremendous Victory in DC!

Nevada Board of Education Meets With Homeschoolers

Puerto Rico Homeschooling Rally Scheduled for Thursday

HSLDA’s National Conference Draws 300

Public Supports Increased Federal Role In Education

Florida Ballot Initiative May Lead to Mandatory Preschool

Homeschooler Wins Reading Rainbow Competition

Please Pray for Chris Klicka

Puerto Rico Legislation Attacks Homeschool Freedom

Pennsylvania House Postpones Vote on Homeschool Bill

Nevada State Board Holds Workshop on Proposed Regulations

Dept. of Ed. Adds Office of Innovation and Improvement

Where the NEA Gets Its Power

HSLDA Adds New Discount for Members

House Votes to Protect Homeschoolers' Privacy

New Homeschool Regulations in Nevada

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Excel in Junior Chess

Public Hearings Ended; Homeschoolers' Concerns Acknowledged

Homeschooling and Jury Duty

New York CPS Hassles Its Heroes

Alaska School Board Vote Shows Need for Constant Vigilance

Virginia County Opens PSAT to Homeschoolers

Utah School District Keeps Homeschooler Out of College

New Mexico Prosecutor Targets Truants

The Idea of America Essay Contest

Social Security's New Home School Flow Chart

Education Tax Deduction Update

Keeping an Eye on CEDAW

HSLDA Opposes Daytime Curfew in Court

Riverside Reverses New ITBS Testing Standards for Homeschoolers

Fixing FERPA: Protect Homeschoolers' Privacy

Minnesota Homeschool Data is "Public"

Home School Tax Deduction Passes House Committee

Update on Education Savings Accounts Vote

Victory in California

Action Alert——Vote on Education Savings Accounts

Action Alert: End College Discrimination Permanently

Update on the California Controversy

Home Schooling IS Legal in California

Bush Administration Opposes UN Children's Treaty

Homeschoolers Arrive on Campus

Discounts For HSLDA Members!

Pennsylvania Library Mural Stirs Up Controversy

Crusading to Keep Kids Clueless

California Private School Affidavit Update

Godfrey Illinois Hearing Dominated by Home School Parents

Board Directed to Reconsider Denial of Accreditation for Patrick Henry College

New Tax Legislation May Provide Relief For Home Schoolers

Home Schooled High Schooler Finishes Select College Program

Plan Would Shield Home School Information

Homeschool Backers Seek Deregulation

Kansas Jr. Miss Winner Home Schooled

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes CEDAW

Muslim Home Schoolers

Congressional Breakthrough in Child Welfare Reform

First HSLDA Essay Contest a Success!

National Action Alert: CEDAW Vote Postponed Again

Review to 'Delay' Women's Treaty

Wyoming Continues to Offer Free Lunches

Note to Members: Instructions for Notifying Your School District

Federal Court Holds Social Worker Bound by Fourth Amendment

Refreshing Resources for Summer

CEDAW Vote Postponed

More and More Parents Opt for Home Schooling

Essay Contest Update

A Cure for the Home School Blues

Dobson Discusses "Pulling Kids From Public School"

Home Schoolers Recognized in Space Day Competition

Release of Information: A New Concern

Homeschooling and Its Foes

Home School Family Charged With Truancy

Wyoming Offers Services With Strings Attached

House Votes for Permanent Ban on Marriage Tax Penalty

Pennsylvania Home Schoolers Rally to Support Freedom.

Victory Over College Discrimination

No Bias Against Religious Families

Montana Governor Applauds the Work of Home Educators

Home Schooler Wins International Diplomacy Essay Contest

Watching the History Channel Equals Child Abuse?

Lessons From Home

Michigan Home Schoolers Investigated Based on Anonymous Tip

Reminder: Essay Contest Ends May 31

Home Schooling Pioneer Paul Lindstrom Dies At Age 62

Home Schoolers Find Intact Dinosaur Skeleton

New York District: Our Test or Else

Following the Law Makes Life "Difficult" for NJ School District

National 'Bees' Buzz With Home Schoolers

Home Schooler Wins National Geography Bee

Home Schooling Works With Math Too!

Editorial: Home Schooling Detractors Diversify Their Tactics

Home School Team Wins National High School Mock Trial Championship

South Carolina Diploma Bill Dies

Home Schooler to Compete in National Junior Miss Pageant

Phantom Caller Returns

Congressmen Introduce National Standardized Driver's License Bill

Students Meet for Argument

Florida Revives Government Nanny Bill

Editorial: California County Tries to Limit Home Schooling

Nevada May Remove School of Tomorrow Curriculum From State Approved List

Home Schooled Mock Trial Team Makes It To National Competition

The Boundaries of Parental Authority

HSLDA Continues to Fight Mandatory Preschool in DC

Superintendent Complies With Law "Under Duress"

Home Schoolers Flood the New York State Capitol

Arrested Home Schooling Mom Vindicated

Virginia DMV Discrimination Ends

Editorial: Some DC Council Members Want Compulsory Preschool

Ohio Superintendent Requires School Enrollment

HSLDA Prayer Request

Fox News: First Wave of Homeschoolers Comes of Age

Pennsylvania Drops Charges Against Mom

HSLDA Fights for the Rights of Home Schoolers in College

Vermont Upholds Denial of Home Schooling

Campaign Finance Bill Signed by President Bush

NCHE Director Cautions Against Vouchers

Texas Court Issues Summons for Withdrawing Child

Czech Republic Home Schoolers Thankful for U.S. Support

Class for Attorneys Identifies Religious Families as Likely Child Abusers

Home Schoolers Unite to Defeat State Legislation

Home School Community Gains Access To Scholastic.Com

Bright Spots: Golf and Home Schooling Go Together For California Family

North Dakota DPI Ignores Federal Testing Exemption

Special Report: Terrorist Attacks Renew National ID Debate

Home Schooling Unfairly Linked To Abuse Story

School Censuses Concern Home Educating Families

CNS News Details Connecticut Home School Struggle

Red Cross Thanks Home Schoolers

Urgent Action Needed to Stop H.R. 2356

HSLDA Prevents Social Worker from Traumatizing Missouri Family

Announcing HSLDA's John & Abigail Adams Fellowship

Some Legislatures Continue to Strike at Educational and Family Freedom

National Center Web Page Introduces New Feature

Vermont Bill Would Eliminate Notification "Bermuda Triangle"

No Warrant, No Entry in Rhode Island

Tribute to a Home School Pioneer

Michigan Article Highlights Home School Freedoms

Ohio Group Calls Home School Plan Illegal

Campaign Finance Bill Update

NCAA Clarifies Policy on Religious Courses

Wellston Ohio Schools Continue To Push the Limits of State Law

Home Schoolers Eligible for SEEP Participation

Afghan Children's Fund Update

County Official Sends Letter of Apology

Veteran Loses Benefits for Home Schooling Son After Age 18

Mississippi Legislature Considers Religious Liberty Bill

It's Tax Season Again!

North Carolina Supreme Court to Hear Arguments

Teacher Tax Deduction Not for Home Schoolers

Hawaii Elementary School Ignores the Law

New Hampshire Home Schoolers Help Defeat Dangerous Bill in Committee

Wisconsin Connections Academy: A Trojan Horse

California District Demands Unauthorized Information

South Dakota Keeps Spanking Legal

Virginia Paper Backs SOL for State College Diploma

Leading researcher links educational freedom with higher performance

Group Calls Home School Plan Illegal
According to the Akron Beacon Journal, a coalition including the Ohio Federation of Teachers and Buckeye Association of School Administrators have filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of charter schools. HSLDA discusses this issue in our most recent newsletter, The Home School Court Report.

Home Is Where The Accountability Is

Kentucky's Proposed Regulations Gain Support

Patrick Henry College Announces Summer Teen Leadership Camps!

Once Again, a Pennsylvania District Ignores the Rules

Ohio District Backpedals on New Policy

Alaska Charter School "Benefits" May Have Strings Attached

Colorado District's "Payoff" of Home Schoolers Fails

Illinois Family Protected from Prosecution

Home Schooler Wins Battle to Join the Army

Pennsylvania District Adds "Requirements" to Law

Nevada District: Oh, You Mean THIS Letter!

Young Entrepreneur Conducts a Giving Business

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Kansas Newspaper Letter Concerns Home Schoolers

Congress Finally Yanks Goals 2000 Spending