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 Top Stories (2001 and Before Archive)

Government Grab for Young Children
A Washington, DC City Council member is attempting to force parents to comply with compulsory attendance laws for children as young as three years old.

More Top Stories (2001 and Before Archive)

Articles Highlights Home Schoolers Success in Higher Education

HSLDA Files Brief in North Carolina Social Worker Case

Republic Protects Freedoms of Minority

Home Schoolers Make Good Hires

Microsoft Invites Home Schoolers into Its "Office"

Home School Foundation Website Launch Features Testimonies and Special Funds

Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit a Success

Colorado — Revisiting Sargent School District's "Payoff" Gambit

Home schooling is an effective alternative to the public school system

President George W. Bush Sends Greetings to Home School Leaders

Daytime Curfew Defeated in Ohio

Pennsylvania Principal Invents New Requirements

National Media Picks Up Streaker Case

Kentucky home—schooler wins victory

Students Transfer From Home to School: Community Colleges Help Prepare Teens for Four Year Degree

Home—schooled boy is champion speller

Congress Passes Family Tax Relief

Rhode Island: HSLDA Prevents School District from Imposing Unauthorized Testing

Home—schoolers find vindication in contests

Home—Schooling Under Siege

Judges rule against home—schoolers.

District Tries to Enforce Illegal Requirements

Child & Family Protection Act

HSLDA Issues Targeted Alert—Home Schoolers Have Chance to End Further Federal Control

Heritage Foundation Gives Senate Ed Bill a Failing Grade; House Bill a B+

Taxpayer Watchdog Group Releases Ratings

Aim high(er)

Michigan parents resist forced tests

Compulsory threats to education, freedom

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001——An Initial Overview of the House Bill

Improving Tax Code Can Help Education

North Carolina Family Holds Social Services to Constitution