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 Top Stories (2001 and Before Archive)

Government Grab for Young Children
A Washington, DC City Council member is attempting to force parents to comply with compulsory attendance laws for children as young as three years old.

More Top Stories (2001 and Before Archive)

Final Education Bill Contains Protections for Home Schoolers

Iowa Home Schooling Family Avoids Wrongful "Probation"

California Social Worker: "Home Schooling, Spanking Illegal"

New York District Threatens Educational Neglect Charge

Rhode Island District Demands Quarterly Reports

Articles Highlights Home Schoolers Success in Higher Education

HSLDA Files Brief in North Carolina Social Worker Case

THE CONGRESSIONAL AWARDS: America's Best Kept Secret

New York School District Responds Late

Public School—Assisted Home Schooling Not Always First Choice

Truant Officer Hassles Illinois Family

Republic Protects Freedoms of Minority

Massachusetts District Jumps the Gun

West Virginia County Confuses Home School Options

Medical Benefits Restored to Arizona Home Schooler

Vermont Commissioners of Education Listen to Home Schoolers

Montana County Seeks Unauthorized "Registration"

Nine Tennessee Counties Misunderstand Home School Law

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Admits Mistakes

Missouri's Interpretation of "School Term" Gives More Freedom

Michigan Contact Leads to History Lesson

Keeping an Eye on Maine Regulatory Changes

Social Worker Takes Issue with the U.S. Constitution

Indiana Districts Seek "Contracts" from Home Schoolers

Home Schoolers Make Good Hires

New Department of Education Secretary Controls Fiscal Leaks

Illinois Home Schoolers Investigated for “Children Playing in Yard”

White House Persuades Military Against Regulation of Home Schoolers

Congressional Committee Declares Home School Provisions Vital to Final Education Bill

Top junior duck stamp winners home schooled

Microsoft Invites Home Schoolers into Its "Office"

How Far Away from Ohio is Far Enough?

Illinois School District Threatens Home School Family

Senate Bill To Allow Educational Savings for Home Schoolers

Georgia County Requires Proof of High School Diplomas

HSLDA Helps Resolve Arkansas Educational Neglect Investigation

New York District Rejects 35 Home School Plans

Georgia Regents Finally Level College Entrance Playing Field for Home Schoolers

Kansas Prosecutor Stirs Up Trouble Again

Rhode Island School District "Explains" Home School Denials

Home School Foundation Website Launch Features Testimonies and Special Funds

Rhode Island School District Arbitrarily Denies Home Schooling Programs

Home Schoolers Encouraged to Participate in National Veterans Awareness Week

New Mexico Social Worker's Investigation Defused

California District Returns "Tardy" Affidavits

Massachusetts Superintendent Backs Down on Home Visits

Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit a Success

Colorado — Revisiting Sargent School District's "Payoff" Gambit

West Virginia Retracts Excessive Information Requests

Bipartisan Congressional Group Urges "Day of Reconciliation"

HSLDA Helps a Member Join Girl Scouts

Social Worker Case Will Affect Family Privacy in Three States

Home School Legal Defense Foundation Included in Combined Federal Campaign

HSLDA Suggests Guidelines to Prevent Social Services Abuse

Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund is Working

Maryland School District Backs Away from Racial Profile Demand

Home schooling is an effective alternative to the public school system

Home Schoolers Give President Bush Donations for Afghan Children

President George W. Bush Sends Greetings to Home School Leaders

Members Helping Members

HSLDA Defends California Members from Illegal Intrusion

Delaware State Child Care Booklet Requires "Licensing" of Home Schools

West Virginia Superintendent Acknowledges Mistake

As California Settles One Problem, a "Creative" District Introduces Another

HSLDA Argues Equal Access Case in Maryland

Florida School District Corrects Form

Massachusetts Superintendent Drops Demand for Meetings

Gallup Poll Shows Growing Acceptance of Home Schooling

Increase in Calls for Mandatory Preschool

Tennessee County Asks for Enrollment Verification

Police Threaten Michigan Family with Arrest for Home Schooling

Daytime Curfew Defeated in Ohio

Massachusetts Families Battle School Districts

California Single Mother Wins Civil Rights Case

New York School Districts Increase Pressure

NAEP vs. an Independent Alternative Test

Colorado School District Adopts New Tactic

HSLDA's Response to Questions Regarding Our Participation in Education Bills H.R. 1 and S. 1

Our Lives Have Changed, But God Has Not

New! Discounts for HSLDA Member Families

San Francisco Withholds Private School Forms

Pennsylvania District Demands Meeting to "Approve" Home Schooling

HSLDA Combats Misapplications of Florida Law

'No Phone Number, No Approval,' Says Massachusetts District

Excessive 'Requirements' Imposed in Illinois

Invasion of a Missouri Family's Home Averted

Military Enlistment of Home Schoolers Rising

Home Schoolers Continue to Score Higher on SAT

New Director of Media Relations Arrives at HSLDA

Unlawful "Visits" Mandated by Massachusetts School District

Pennsylvania Superintendent Backs Down

Virginia County Makes Unlawful Demands on Home Schoolers

HSLDA Welcomes New National Center Director

Senator Jesse Helms Announces Retirement

Home Schooling Allowed Only in "Unusual Circumstances"

Pennsylvania Principal Invents New Requirements

Hawaii School Issues Unreasonable Demands

Ohio School District Backs Down from Unauthorized Request

Black Home Schoolers Face Off Against Public School Advocates on National TV

HSLDA Welcomes New Litigation Team Member

The Strange Case of the Candy Bars

NCES Releases National Math Test Results

Georgia to Abandon SAT II Admissions Requirement

U.S. Overseas Military Families Rein In Regulatory Efforts

Tennessee CPS Urges Public School Order

Michigan Family Harassed by Social Service Agents

Dangerous Legislative Threat to Home Schooling Families

Delaware: A Problem in the Making?

More Problems in the Old Dominion

HSLDA Represents Mom in Hearing

NCES Releases Report on Home Schooling

Education Spending—A Comparison of Three Plans

Problems in Lebanon School District

HSLDA Defending Family Threatened with Reduction of Services

Hostile Investigation Dropped After HSLDA Intervenes

Social Security Inspector General Testifies Before Congress

Calls Needed——Prohibit State Assessments Of Home Schoolers

Child's Rash Leads to Police Investigation

It's That Time of Year Again

Testing Confusion Reigns!

"Unsatisfactory" Intent Accepted After HSLDA Steps In

Education Conference Committee Complete

HSLDA Fights For Privacy Rights

Some Home Schoolers Excluded from Education Savings Accounts

Campaign Finance Reform

Massachusetts: Westford Policy Violates State Law

Missouri: HSLDA Defends Family from False Allegations

HSLDA Responds to Unauthorized School District Demands

Citizen Training 2001

Senate Selection Advances Education Proposal

National Media Picks Up Streaker Case

The NEA Drops Homosexuality Resolution

Congress Stalls on Education Bill

Charges Dropped Against Home School Family

Tennessee: HSLDA Steps In to Clear Up Confusion

California: Social Worker Lawsuit Settled

U.S. Department of Education Undergoes Reform

National School—to—Work Office to Close

HSLDA Welcomes Blackstone Interns

Missouri: HSLDA Defends Family's Privacy

Michigan: Bill Introduced to Raise Compulsory Attendance Age

The Clinging Tentacles of Public Education

Bush Administration Taps Domenech for Position

Pennsylvania: A Barrage of School District Harassment

Ohio: "Just a 'Small' Change in Our Form"

Senate Passes Education Bill—HSLDA Explains Home School Protections

Michigan: He's Ba—a—a—ck!!

Poll Finds Broad Support for Education Tax Credits

UN News Update

The Politics of Survival: Home Schoolers and the Law

Maine: HSLDA Stops Department of Education's Public Disclosure of Private Information

HSLDA Hosts First Constitutional Law Teen Camp

North Carolina: New Allegations Dredge Up Old Discipline

Persistent Education Achievement Gap

Defending the Right to Privacy in the Public and Private Sector — Different Debate for Privacy Advocates

Kentucky home—schooler wins victory

Kentucky teen free at last to pursue home schooling

Kentucky: Victory in Truancy Case!

Florida: Governor Bush Vetoes Government Nanny Bill

HSLDA's Membership Department Begins Busy Season

Students Transfer From Home to School: Community Colleges Help Prepare Teens for Four Year Degree

The Jeffords Switch — What Will It Mean?

Home—schooled boy is champion speller

Congress Passes Family Tax Relief

Rhode Island: HSLDA Prevents School District from Imposing Unauthorized Testing

California: Are Your Children in a "Correct" Program?

Texas: Child Released from Juvenile Detention

HSLDA: At a Conference Near You

Hold that Baby! Have You Taken Your Parenting Class Yet?

83 Counts of Truancy Put on Hold

H.R. 1 Passes the House

Home schooler wins third place
in National Geography Bee

House Deals with H.R. 1 Amendments—Should Complete Work Today

HSLDA Monitors Recent UN Activity

Home—schoolers find vindication in contests

Home—Schooling Under Siege

Four—year—old's Exploration Results in Social Worker Contact

Judges rule against home—schoolers.

H.R. 1 Great for Home Schoolers, Mixed Bag for Public Schools

Alaska—No Haven From Social Workers

Home school family wins automatic appeal to North Carolina State Supreme Court

The Right Way to Go about It

Heritage Foundation Examines Presidential Directives

District Tries to Enforce Illegal Requirements

School Harasses Home Schooling Family

House Committee Approves Education Bill

Montana Home school student named winner in Boston Globe essay contest

Senate, House Resume Education Debates—An Update from Capitol Hill

Heritage Foundation Examines UN Convention Committees

West Virginia: Governor Signs Two—year Waiver!

Editorial Blasts Social Workers in North Carolina

Chick—fil—A Looking for Home Schooled Workers

Truant Children? Call the Social Worker!

House Education Committee Votes to Protect Home School Freedom—Further Action Pending

Home School SAT Scores for 1999 and 2000

National Home School Leadership Legislative Summit A Success

Farris Attends Summit with House/Senate Leaders

Alert Update: Victory Report from Capitol Hill

Response to Home School Article in the St. Joseph News—Press

Child & Family Protection Act

House Committee Rejects Choice—HSLDA Amendments Pending

Education Bills Start to Move in Congress

HSLDA Issues Targeted Alert—Home Schoolers Have Chance to End Further Federal Control

A Review of the Bush Education Plan

Marriage Tax Penalty Relief Update

An Isolated Incident . . . or Not?

HSLDA Attends Education Leaders Council (ELC) — Hill Insiders Unsure of H.R. 1 Final Language.

County Insists It Can Discriminate Against Home Schoolers

Senate, House Move Closer to Action on Education Bills

Helping Our Members Resolve Legal and CPS Contacts

Nevada Family Successfully Handles Hostile Investigation

The Universal Tuition Tax Credit

Ending the Discrimination Against Disabled Home Schooled Students

Heritage Foundation Gives Senate Ed Bill a Failing Grade; House Bill a B+

Taxpayer Watchdog Group Releases Ratings

New York May Lighten Load on Home Schoolers

HSLDA's National Privacy Report

Aim high(er)

Michigan parents resist forced tests

Military Home School Children Equal Access Act of 2001 (HR 830)

BUSH to UN—U.S. is Pro—Family: A Report from the Front

Over 300 Members Contact HSLDA for Assistance

Unfavorable Ruling for Home School Families with Special Education Students

Senate Republicans ready to debate: Democrats holding out for more money

Education Cultural Indicators

Is this the Calm Before the Storm?

New Study Shows Money Alone Will Not Increase Achievement

North Carolina Bill Stops Social Workers at Your Door

Compulsory threats to education, freedom

Home Schooling Family Receives Unexpected Subpoena

West Virginia Makes a Move Toward Permanent Freedom

President Bush Moves to Protect Medical Privacy

Michigan:"What Is the Fourth Amendment Again?"

HSLDA Examines the American Community Survey

House Majority Leader Takes Stand for Privacy

President Bush Releases Budget

Kentucky——Social Worker Says Home Schooling without Certified Teacher Illegal

National Report Card Shows No Improvement

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001——An Initial Overview of the House Bill

Improving Tax Code Can Help Education

Wrongly Jailed Mom Cleared by Missouri Court

Federal Court Protects Parents: Social Workers Blocked by Federal Order

Assembly Bill 2881: Prohibits home-schooling of children under DYFS care, custody, or supervision without DYFS approval

HSLDA Weighs In on Administration's Education Plan

Civil Rights Suit Progresses: HSLDA Files Brief Against Discriminatory County

7,000 Texans Demand CPS Reform

Respectfully relentless, home schoolers change state laws in New Mexico

The social value of school is mythical

Voice of state organization guards
home school freedom in Minnesota

Out of Jail, but Still in Court — Kentucky Litigation Continues

Legislative Victory in Louisiana

Let My People Go!

Why homeschool? Parents cite a host of reasons

Home schooler wins at science fair

Home schooler wins at science fair

Parents of 2—year—old 'streaker' taken to court

North Carolina Family Holds Social Services to Constitution

Homeschooling 101: Why We Do It

Home Schoolers in Brazil Need Your Help

Mother Goes Free in Maryland

New Jersey appeals court just says no
to social worker home invasions

Ohio home schooler saved from
criminal trial on unfounded truancy charges

Minnesota home schoolers defeat attempts at more regulation

Mississippi Mom Handcuffed for Home Schooling Gets Her Day in Court

HSLDA Asks Cheney about National Testing

Louisiana Legislature Tries to Shut a Door on Home Schoolers

Louisiana Legislature Tries to Shut a Door on Home Schoolers

Home School Lobbyists Target Freshmen and Military Committee Members

Home School Lobbyists Target Freshmen and Military Committee Members

Home Schoolers Pleased with NC Court of Appeals Arguments

New Mexico home schoolers rally support for eliminating standardized test requirement

New Mexico home schoolers rally support for eliminating standardized test requirement

Rapid response defends choice parents made

Home schoolers win in West Virginia House——Face another battle in the Senate

Mean—spirited bill aimed at South Dakota home schoolers convincingly defeated

President Bush's Remarks As Prepared For Delivery To The Joint Session Of Congress