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 Top Stories (2018 Archive)

Homeschool Bill Drops Teacher Certification, But …
It still opens the door to rewriting California’s homeschool laws. Here’s what you can do.

More Top Stories (2018 Archive)

State Removes Error-riddled Homeschool Webpage at Request of HSLDA, FHE

CPS and Homeschooling Mom Agree: She’s Not a Criminal!

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Governor Daugaard Punts, Senators Fumble in Overtime

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What It Takes to Free a Child from District 75

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State Legislature Couldnít Ignore Hundreds of Motivated Homeschoolers

Son’s Illness Lands Mom in Court

Turned in by Grandpa … for Homeschooling?!

Hundreds Rally at State House for Homeschool Freedom

College Senior Questioned Over High School Diploma

Reform Delivers Fairness to Aspiring Police Officers

Special Invitation for Homeschool Families: Don’t Miss the 2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival

Judge Tells Mom, “You Can’t Homeschool”

Top Lawmakers Push for Fair Treatment of Homeschoolers

HSLDA’s Grand Jury Simulation a Hit with Public High Schoolers

Bill Would Turn Clock Back, Add Wasteful Red Tape

Help an ECOT Family Stay on the Homeschool Path

Our Advocacy Goals for This Year

HSLDA, Governor’s Office Save This Homeschooler’s Job

What the New Tax Reform Law Means for Homeschooling Families

January 10 Hearing for New Homeschool Rule